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Natalie Imbruglia’s wedding secrets

Natalie Imbruglia’s wedding secrets

Natalie Imbruglia’s wedding secrets

Gorgeous pop star Natalie Imbruglia and Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns tied the knot at the close of 2003 on a beautiful tropical beach in far north Queensland. The high-profile bride and groom managed to keep the dreaded paparazzi guessing, the location of their nuptials was a closely guarded secret right up until the last minute. Celebrity guests including including Kylie Minogue flew in to Cairns airport, the invitation’s instruction to dress for warm weather the only hint to the wedding’s location.

A fairytale ending

Attendees were whisked away to the exclusive Thala Beach Lodge for the ceremony, where they were each issued with a pair of super cool white Haviana thongs. Ever-stylish Natalie wore a stylishly simple silk chiffon v-necked gown with a layered handkerchief hem. Rockstar Daniel wore, as expected, a vintage pale blue suit. The couple posed for an official photograph after the ceremony, which will be sold to media outlets, the proceeds being donated to the couple’s favourite charities. Insiders have revealed that the wedding was indeed a fairytale ending for the couple, and apparently, one of the most romantic events of the year!

Hot gossip: Fellow former Neighbours star Kylie Minogue caught the bridal bouquet!

Jennifer Aniston and friends say farewell

Want to know how everything ends for Monica and Chandler, Rachel and Ross, Phoebe and Joey? The final episode of epic sitcom Friends is about to be filmed in the US, but there will be no plot spoilers of this most anticipated series finale. Long-time cast members seem to have been rehearsing their goodbye speeches already. Jennifer Aniston said “It’s just absolutely painful in the weirdest way, because it’s the most fun and joyous place to be.” Lisa Kudrow was surprised at how intensely she felt about the end of the series. “It just kind of hit me over the head. It feels like a really deep, deep-down loss.” Recently pregnant Courteney Cox Arquette said “I can’t imagine my life without these people.”

It’s curtains for Friends

Series creators have struggled to come up with the penultimate scene for the ending of a series that has been one of TV’s top-rating sitcoms for 10 years. “What was great about this year is that we knew from the beginning it was absolutely the last season, so we could really plan for it and sort of start trains running in January and February, so hopefully the last episode feels earned and organic,” said one of the show’s writers. “I kind of imagine that [this] must be what it’s like to get divorced from someone you still love when you still have all the good feelings and you care so deeply,” Kauffman said. “You know it’s the right time and the right thing, and it doesn’t make it any less painful.” Sounds like it’s a tough time for these entertainment types – perhaps someone should remind them it’s only a TV show!

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