Natalie’s bold new haircut

Still beautiful
Star Wars star Natalie Portman has shocked fans in Cannes this weekend by turning up with a shaved head. The beautiful actor has shaved her head for her role in new movie V For Vendetta, and says it is actually a wonderful change from her usual hairstyle. “After all the crazy hairstyles I had to endure for the films, it’s quite liberating to have no hair – especially in this heat.” Star Wars director George Lucas took a shine to Natalie?s new look and insisted on getting a hands on feel, much to her and the crowd?s amusement. She said “Some people will think I’m a neo-Nazi or that I have cancer or I’m a lesbian.” No such statement we?re afraid!

Paris refuses to read
Paris Hilton has risen even higher on the ditz-o-meter. While out to dinner with fellow blonde Pamela Anderson, Paris revealed that she refuses to read even the simplest things, such as restaurant menus. Pamela said of Paris to GQ magazine, “She’s (Paris) funny? Last time I met her we were in a restaurant together – she slammed the menu down and screamed: ‘I hate reading! Someone tell me what’s on the menu!’? Pamela scoffed, “I mean, I’m blonde but c’mon.” We agree!

Wow, we?ll remember to never believe a word Elizabeth Hurley says next time. Less than a month after announcing she was putting her acting career on hold until her son was older, it has now been announced that she?ll be starring in The Cleaner, opposite Lucy LiuChris Martin of Coldplay fame has snubbed the concept of celebrity. He says people ignore great books, music and architecture because people are more interested in celebrities.

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