Natural Remedies For Allergies

May 16, 2013

Sick of turning to antihistamines when allergies strike? Consider these natural alternatives which can alleviate your symtoms without the side effects.


Quercetin is found naturally in citrus, apples, parsley and broccoli. It keeps your mast cells from releasing histamines by stabilising them.

Stinging nettle

The leaf of this herb contains natural histamine blockers, making it an effective remedy for allergy relief. Look out for stinging nettles which are delicious in pastas, or you can find it as a supplement at health stores.

Peppermint tea

Natural peppermint tea provides anti-inflammatory benefits as well as acts as a decongestant. This is the perfect drink first thing in the morning and before bed for sound sleep.


This natural allergy fighter contains petasin, which attacks histamines. The leaf, root and bulb are often used to make medicine. Take butterbur in supplement form to decrease nasal tissue swelling and other allergy symptoms.

What do you take for allergy relief?

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