Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

July 11, 2014
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You’re elated and excited about your pregnancy and then morning sickness strikes. It can quickly take you from being on top of the world to feeling utterly miserable. You’ll probably feel better by the end of the third trimester, but for some of us nausea can stay around until birth. While nothing is likely to completely alleviate the symptoms, here are some ways to ease the discomfort naturally.

Acupressure bands

These are elasticised wrist bands with a plastic stud, which applies pressure to a special point on your wrist. You can get them at any pharmacy and they are also effective for motion sickness. For me, acupressure bands were the one thing that could make me feel almost normal and I can’t believe no one told me about them until my third pregnancy. How did I survive without them the first two times?

Frequent small meals

You may not feel like eating anything at all, but empty stomach makes morning sickness worse, not better. Eat small meals throughout the day and carry emergency snacks with you (like crackers or breadsticks) wherever you go.


Ginger in any form will make you feel better. Sip on ginger tea, eat ginger snacks or take ginger root in capsules.


Many pregnant women report that they’re craving lemon during pregnancy. Our bodies know what they need – lemon can do wonders when it comes to morning sickness. Drink water with lemon, suck on a slice of lemon or stock up on some lemon lollies.

Homeopathic remedies

There are a number of homeopathic remedies that can help with nausea. It’s best to check with a specialist before use to make sure you get the most suitable remedy for your specific case.

Lots of rest

Most women feel more tired than usual during the first trimester. This is nature’s sign that you should put yourself first and get as much rest as you can. Morning sickness tends to get worse when you’re overtired and stressed.

Avoid triggers

All your senses become sharpened during pregnancy and your body will tell you if there is a particular smell or taste that you should avoid. What triggers you may surprise you – it can be chemical smells and smoke, but it can also be healthy food that you usually love. Just listen to your body and be assured that it’s temporary. You’ll feel normal again, you’ll get your taste buds back and you’ll enjoy your favourite food one day.

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By Tatiana Apostolova

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