Natural summer beauty recipes!

November 2, 2009

Salt scrubs, butter balms, linseed shampoos – beauty guru Ere Perez shows you how to look like a summer Goddess for next to nothing!

Summer is all about looking as naturally gorgeous as possible and the
ultimate natural-looking summer beauty tip is to find products that not only help you look like you just stepped off a swimwear beach shoot with the least effort, but which also nourish and help protect skin, lips and lashes from the sun, chlorine and saltwater.

It’s also about giving your skin, hair and lashes a bit of a head start and
making sure you’re fully prepped for summer! You don’t need expensive
lotions and potions full of chemicals to do this either -you can do it all
with home-made, natural ingredients that you can buy in most supermarkets or health food shops.

Growing up in Mexico, my grandfather was a natural healer and my mum also
had loads of natural beauty tips. I developed my own recipes over the years and they still form the basis of my makeup range.

These are some of my favourite recipes for getting and keeping your skin,
lips and lashes smooth and silky – the natural way:

* Summer Face Intensive Moisturiser: A recipe I love is a mix of one
spoon oats, one of honey and one of plain yogurt. Mix together and apply to
your face and leave it for 30 minutes – twice a week is best. It’s great for nourishing the skin and moisturising the dry patches.

* Hydration Maintenance: Once a month you can make a cold mask with
natural yogurt and oats. Mix it together and leave on your skin for 30
minutes once a month to hydrate dry skin – use more often in the summer.

* Beautiful Eyes: Use a slice of raw potato to diminish dark circles
under the eyes and moisturize after with rosehip oil. Remove eye makeup with jojoba oil to help regenerate the eyelashes and nourish the skin around the eyes.

* Smooth Lips: Mix butter and salt together to make a scrub mix and
apply to your lips to remove dead skin and keep them looking plump and

* Strong and Shiny Summer Hair: One of my favourite recipes for given
your hair extra strength and shine is to make a strong Linseed tea – made
from two spoons of raw linseeds in boiling water. Leave it to “brew” for an
hour and then strain and either use on its own or pour into your shampoo to
make your hair stronger.

* Perfect Natural Body Scrub For Legs And Arms: Mix raw sugar with
lime juice with your hands and rub all over the body to remove dead skin.
Don’t forget to wash it off in the shower though or you’ll have all sorts of insects after you!

* Silky Smooth Arms And Legs: Massage twice a month with peanut oil
to help circulation and improve skin’s elasticity and tone – NOT if you’re
allergic to nuts though! You can use other vegetable oils or olive oil.

Ere Perez is the founder and creative director of Ere Perez Natural
Cosmetics, a range of plant and mineral derived makeup that’s not tested on animals, cruelty free and mostly vegan too. Check it out at

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