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August 9, 2010


By Adena Halpern

RRP: $29.99 Publisher: Simon & Schuster

What if you closed your eyes, blew out the candles, and your wish came true?

Ellie Jerome is a young-at-heart seventy-five-year-old who feels she has more in common with her twenty-nine-year-old granddaughter, Lucy, than her fifty-five-year-old daughter, Barbara. Ellie’s done everything she can to stay young, and the last thing she wants is to celebrate another birthday. So when she finds herself confronted with a cake full of candles, Ellie wishes more than anything that she could be twenty-nine again, just for one day. But who expects a wish like that to come true?

29 is the story of three generations of women and how one magical day shakes up everything they know about each other. While Ellie finds that the life of a twenty-something is not as carefree as she expected, the sheer joy of being young again prompts her to consider living her life all over. Does she dare stay young for more than this day, even if it means leaving everyone she loves behind?

Fresh, funny, and delightful, 29 is an enchanting adventure about families, love, and the real lessons of youth.

My Name is Memory

By Ann Brashares

RRP $32.99 Publisher Hodder & Stoughton

Not everyone believes in the existence of ‘the one’, the love of our life that we are destined to find, but Daniel knows it’s real. How could he not?

He has spent centuries meeting and falling in love with the same girl over and over and over again. Life after reincarnated life, generation after generation, spanning continents and dynasties, he and Lucy have been drawn together – and though he can never tell her, he remembers it all.

He has the gift, or the curse, of ‘the memory’, the ability to recall past lives and recognize the reincarnated souls he has known. The problem is, the force that draws Lucy and Daniel together also always tears them painfully, fatally apart, to the point that he has started trying to protect her from falling in love with him and the heartbreak he knows it will bring.

Ann Brashes is the New York Times best selling author of the phenomenally best selling series, “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”. And if you liked “Time Travellers Wife” then you will probably enjoy “My Name is Memory” as the eternal meeting of the souls runs strongly through this novel too. Also rumour has it there was a bidding war for the film rights to this book too.

Fortunes of Ruby White

By Lia Weston

RRP: $29.99 Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Ruby White has burnt her bridges. She has no job, no direction in life, and just enough money to last a month, if she eats only rice and her cat catches his own meals. When her best friend, Anise, holds a dress-up party, Ruby drowns her sorrows and meets Damien, whose vampire costume belies his sweet nature.

With time on her hands, Ruby soon finds herself at a seminar for those who are Hyper-Auto-Aware, a condition she never knew existed, run by the Jaasmyn Empire, a company she’s never heard of. To Ruby’s astonishment, and that of those who know her, she is offered a job.

Providing everything from meditation CDs, candles and ‘specialised sleeping aides’ (otherwise known as pillows) to private classes with a psychic therapist (a parrot), the Empire offers solutions for every physical and metaphysical problem ever conceived, and many that haven’t been. Ruby swiftly gains a reputation within the Empire for possessing extraordinary abilities even though her ‘talents’ are in fact no more than guesswork and sarcasm.

Attracting the attention of the charismatic head of the Empire, Jaasmyn, Ruby ignores her misgivings about the Empire’s ethics and enjoys fitting in somewhere for the first time in her life. When the reactions of those outside the Jaasmyn Empire become more cynical and her cautious relationship with Damien wavers, Ruby begins to keep her job details secret. As her training progresses, her parents become even more concerned. It seems the zany girl who used to eat chocolate for breakfast and salted pretzels for dinner won’t touch anything that isn’t organic and the further Ruby penetrates the Empire, the more her behaviour begins to change.

As Ruby disappears into the mire of mind, body and spirit, her friends and family try numerous ways to lure her back but their efforts only push her more into the arms of the Jaasmyn Empire and its mysterious leader. Fortunately Ruby’s friend at the empire, DeDe, is onto Jaasmyn and orchestrates an unforgettable media expose. Finally Ruby begins to resemble her old self but will Damien continue to hold a candle for her as a bold ‘new age’ begins?

Filled with biting humour, sharp wit and a fresh voice in women’s fiction that is long overdue, The Fortunes of Ruby White takes the reader on a hilarious adventure that comes back to the old question of figuring out who we are, and keeping the people we love in the process.

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