Your Negative Attitude Is Killing My Vibe

October 16, 2017

Can you just not?

Listen, I get it. The world sucks. If you turn on the news you’ll see a thousand reasons why. Housing isn’t affordable, global temperatures are rising, politicians are awful and someone allowed the movie Valerian to exist in this world.

But isn’t that all the more reason not to be that person?

You know the person I’m talking about.

The one who, no matter what subject is on the table, has to say something critical about it. And it’s never something small, never personalized. It’s not “Oh, I just couldn’t connect with it.” It’s always something like “I just can’t understand how anyone with a brain could sit through this film.”

And we grit our teeth and try to move past their criticism or we change the subject, but we feel that burning resentment inside. Because we were just trying to enjoy something and then this person had to go and ruin it for us.

It’s frustrating not being into something that you’re bombarded with constantly. People who are fans of both football and Game Of Thrones probably have at least that in common. It’s boring sitting around and waiting for someone to switch to a topic you can actually contribute to. It’s even more frustrating when you finally do manage to change the subject, and someone brings it back up again.

But all you do when you snap and insult the people involved is make them want to talk with you less.

You don’t have to like things just because they’re popular, but going out of your way to make everyone aware of how much you hate a popular thing doesn’t make you cool or edgy. It just makes you a douchebag. I know because I used to be this person.

My hated thing was Harry Potter (which I ironically now love). I was so tired of hearing my friends talk about it non-stop. I remember at one point I was so overly dramatic about it that I actually crawled under my friend’s dining room table and sprawled there in protest, refusing to resurface until they finished the conversation.

To this day, I can’t figure out why I decided to hate this one subject, though it may have honestly been as simple as being ambivalent to the books and then suddenly being bombarded by it constantly. Maybe I was trying to be controlling over my friends by determining what we should and shouldn’t be interested in. Or maybe I just wanted to define myself by negatives instead of positives. Only losers got excited about things, right? Especially things that were mainstream.

Blessedly, I grew out of my “I’m a terrible human being” phase and moved on with my life, but some people never do. They continually find it necessary to rip into anything that makes anyone happy, to find the faults in otherwise harmless entertainment.

It’s not cool.

So please, stop harshing my vibe with your negative attitude. It’s hard enough to keep your chin up in a world where Pitbull is doing more to help storm-ravaged Puerto Rico than its own country is. Let us have horror shows with clowns and cartoon horses.

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Comment: How do you handle negative naysayers?

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