New babe for Orlando?

February 8, 2005

New babe for Orlando?

Looking happy Orlando Bloom
Has Orlando Bloom moved on from Kate Bosworth already? Reports from the US say the 28-year-old hottie was seen cuddling up to Closer star Natalie Portman at the Miramax Golden Globe party last month. This was also the night when Kate and Orlando reportedly split as Kate was heard complaining to friends that he had ignored her the entire night. Although the pair?s reps say it was mutual decision, sources say it was Orlando who was behind the break up. ?Kate?s devastated by the split, but the truth is Orlando has always been a bit of a ladies? man and thinks he?s too young to settle down,? says a source.

Chris Rock prepares
Chris Rock tests out Oscar material
Oscars host Chris Rock has been reportedly using Comedy Clubs to test out his Academy Awards material. He has been making unannounced appearances at comedy clubs around LA to test audience reactions to his Hollywood related jokes. One gag made fun of Jude Law?s plethora of films released last year. Rock said: “Jude Law is in so many movies, that I went to one, and when I walked out they were showing another on the back wall.” Chris has promised he won?t say anything at the gigs that has to be censored. The Oscars will be held in Hollywood on February 27.

Sadie had a drink with Sienna
Sadie and Sienna friends
Sadie Frost has bit back at reports over her dislike for Sienna Miller. The former wife of Jude Law is insistent that she and Jude?s current fianc? are great friends. Apparently she still calls her ex every day “I have a really, really good relationship with Jude. At Rudy’s (their son) birthday party, Sienna came and we had a glass of wine together,” she reveals. “People have tried to make us all enemies – it’s just a complete fallacy. The most important thing for me and Jude is our children and that we’re together as a family. We do lots of things together. We all speak on the phone every day. A lot of people go through divorce. It was tough for me but it’s no tougher than for a lot of people.” She wishes the pair the very best of luck. Aw happy families…

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