New chilli-infused foods are all the rage!

August 24, 2009

The heat is on with these new (and interesting!) chilli taste sensations reports Gina Luca.

Once upon a time, chilli was the flavour du jour if you were whipping up a
curry, feasting on a Mexican banquet or trying something new from the local
pizza joint. But Aussie taste buds have definitely come of age with a new
acceptance of chilli in everything from cocktails to chocolates.

Now anyone can do a reasonable impression of a chilli lover simply by
ordering Oporto’s delectable Bondi Burger with its somewhat fiery sauce, or
by cranking it up a few notches at Nando’s and getting all finger licking
good on the chicken fillets. You can even buy the sauces and bring them
home to slather over your own recipes.

Chilli aficionados may not want to read what I have to say next though. To
be a truly chilli-head, it seems you have to be somewhat of a purist and
appreciate your fiery foods in their traditional states … savoury, and
with no experimenting with the good stuff. But what if you like a bit of
alchemy in your cuisine?

Chilli cordial

There are those of us who appreciate a bit of bite in our drinks. Speaking
of alchemy, those lip-licking cordials of the same name come in such a
divine range of flavours that you’ll be forgiven for wanting to try them
all. But have you tried “Heat” It has an amazing kick and can be used in
a variety of ways. Mix it with any white spirit and soda, turn it into
sorbet or enjoy it added to lemonade for a non-alcoholic treat. Apparently, the bubbles make you sneeze! Check out

Chilli chocolates

When you really want bang for your buck out of your chocolate, give the
chilli variety a go. More and more companies are producing their own
versions and some even have tiny pieces of chilli in them which feel like
sultana morsels to the tongue but leave a lasting warmth. Lindt are even on this bandwagon and their Excellence range features a dark chocolate with
chilli that will never fail to warm you on the inside. Visit

Chilli ice-cream

Unmissable! Spirit House, a gourmet purveyor based in Yandina, Queensland,
produces an exquisite Red Chilli and Dark Chocolate Spice Cream. The after
taste of the chilli warms the back of the palate whilst the cold of the ice
cream refreshes the tongue. Hit

Red chilli honey

Yes, now your favourite breakfast spread – other than the good old Vegemite
– has been given a rev up of the tongue-tingling type. Available for
purchase online, Red Chilli Honey comes from pristine Tasmania and is
recommended for drizzling over a fresh wedge of creamy brie. Visit

When all’s said and done, you’re either going to love these chilli delights
or you’re not. There seems to be no middle ground. Next time you’re in the mood for an adventurous taste experiment, pick up a chilli-infused treat and savour the taste sensation!

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