New DVDs!

September 7, 2004

New DVDs!

Starsky and Hutch
Do it! Do it! If you haven?t heard this phrase, get down to your video store now and rent Starsky and Hutch. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson play Dave Starsky and Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson, two streetwise cops in the precinct of Bay City. Based on the 1970?s series of the same name, the film shows how the two were partnered up and the union that followed. Together, in Starsky?s souped up red-and-white Ford Torino, the pair chase criminals, skirts and their own tails it seems. The all star cast include Carmen Electra and Amy Smart as their girlfriends, Snoop Dogg and Huggy Bear (their informant) and Juliette Lewis as Kitty. Like Stiller and Wilson?s other film, Zoolander, Starsky and Hutch isn?t a film to be taken too seriously but is definitely a good laugh. Plus, the DVD version has the most hilarious extra features. Don?t miss out on the Last Look Special Featurette – A spoof on behind-the-scenes documentaries!

American poet Sylvia Plath is the inspiration for this historical chick flick. Gwyneth Paltrow plays the title role and as the film begins, she is just staring her English university years at Cambridge. Intelligent, beautiful and confident, Sylvia soon snags debonair poet Ted Hughes (Daniel Craig). Within months they are married and spend the next few years in happiness while she finishes her studies in England.
It is their move to America, her homeland, which sparks an ultimately irreparable change to their relationship. Over the years they travel between homes in America, London and Devon. Sylvia becomes frustrated at not having enough time to write, firstly when working as a teacher, and later when she becomes a mother to two toddlers. Ted’s career is flourishing, and to escape his wife’s unhappiness, he spends more and more time promoting his work. As their careers progress at different levels and their two children become more of a focus in their lives, the cracks in their relationship begin to show.
Gwyneth plays a realistic portrayal of a women coping with her inner demons, however we never really see why she acts the way she does. Perhaps we, like her loved ones, are also meant to experience the frustration of not being able to understand her inner thoughts, particularly when her reactions are at times extreme. Unfortunately this lack of insight into her psyche leads us to dismissing Sylvia as neurotic, rather than understanding her.
Despite this the film is very interesting and is a great insight into Slyvia Plath’s life. The story line doesn’t exactly race along like a Bruce Willis film, so it might be best for a lazy DVD afternoon with the girlies.

Scene It?
Move over scrabble, there is a new multimedia boardgame hitting the shelves. Mattel, in conjunction with film studios such as 20th Century Fox, MGM and Universal Studios have all combined to produce Scene It? – the world’s first DVD based board game. Scene It? features 180 movie clips, 1,100 trivia questions and 250 movie stars to question your knowledge and memory of the movies. Check out for more details and to play an example of the game.
RRP $69.95

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