New Extreme Sport: Wall Running 101

June 29, 2015
New Extreme Sport - Wall Running

Looking for a new way to test your agility without compromising on fun? Wall running combines the foundations of parkour with a trampoline, making your workout twice as amusing and interactive! SHESAID chatted with Blaise Witnish, chief operating officer at Sky Zone Australia about some of your main queries involving the latest ultimate Australian adrenaline rush.

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What is wall running, and where did it start?

Trampoline olympian Ji Wallace remembers putting a tramp against a wall for shows back in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s been an entertainment go to for a long time. Trampoline performers and imagineers in Cirque du Soleil took it and made it spectacular, but it’s been in the amateur realm for a long time. The first trampoline park to add it to their offering was in San Francisco, a place called House of Air.

Do you have to be of a specific age group to participate?

Anyone of all ages can learn how to be a wall runner. However, people who tend to be interested in this sport are thrill seekers, skate boarders, snow sport enthusiasts with an average age of 11-30.

How does it work? Do you need any formal training?

Formal trampoline training is required if you want to learn quickly. Many of our guests learn from watching; it’s great because wall running has created its own community.  Everyone who can wall run loves teaching novices the first steps in doing it. Sky Zone does offer a trampoline training program called Sky School, running through school terms. Here students can progress through a structured program that teaches you all the tricks and tips you need to know to improve your jumping skills. The program is headed up by olympic silver medalist, Ji Wallace.

What kind of health benefits does it have?

The benefits of training the body using trampolines are many and varied. Anatomically, training in unstable environments will make your body engage, and incorporate your core, and stabilise muscles around the joints of your body. You can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. It is also excellent for your lymph system.

Where can our readers participate in it?

All Sky Zone venues in Australia have a wall running area and it is available to guests during our opening times. Every Thursday night Sky Zone offers a 3 hour jumps pass for $20 to jump on The Wall.

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