New Fashion Label Helps Women Get More //OUT

July 27, 2014

Tired of the same, old activewear brands? New international, luxe activewear label, //OUT Incorporated, which is launching online this spring, is aimed at taking gym gear to a new, elegant and stylish status. Created by Californian-based trio, American-born Leah Hundsness and Australian sisters Lauren Gill and Libby Amelia (pictured), the label is aimed at empowering women to wear activewear everywhere from the gym to a long-haul flight and a night out with friends.

The designers have all worked internationally for LVMH’s Sephora group and have spent many years travelling the globe for both business and pleasure. Indeed, they say they’ve created the brand as a bid to help women get more out of their wardrobe. “The best thing about our activewear line is our versatility,” Lauren says. “//OUT is our call to women to get more //OUT of their wardrobe. We encourage women to Work//Out, Stretch//Out, Breathe//Out and Go//Out in style.”

And the trio say their unique strengths (and weaknesses) complement each other, to create a unique activewear concept. “As part of our corporate culture, we are interested in having a unique spin which is more in line with a woman’s ‘model of the world’,” Lauren says.

“We care about fitness and have always had a penchant for fashion and beauty, given our backgrounds. The garb currently available on the market however, certainly wasn’t able to deliver what we were looking for … We wanted to hit the gym in items minus the motivation motifs and neon pink detailing. Today’s woman is discerning and sophisticated. We wanted to create an offering which showed women that it is OK to be sexy.”

Having just launched in America with a flagship in Newport Beach, California, the label is already going form strength-to-strength and has been picked up by Ron Robinson at Fred Segal in Los Angeles.

With performance and longevity paramount, //OUT promises transitional, sport luxe pieces with quick-dry comfort, fluidity of movement and muscular compression.
The brand’s elegant palette of black, smokey grey, nude and white speaks of the spirit of the label, with garment names celebrating the roles women play in their daily lives: artist, consultant, sister and lover.

//OUT Incorporated is available via their e-boutique, their flagship store, and through select stockists internationally. Visit www.outincorporated.com for more information.

New Fashion Label Helps Women Get More Out


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