New fitness trend: Capoeira

March 22, 2010

Amy Winehouse has taken up the Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira. Find out what this new fitness trend is all about.

The ‘Rehab’ singer has turned to the exercise – a mix of martial arts, music and dance, which is performed in a non-violent way – to help her concentrate while working on her long-awaited new album.

A source said: “Amy loves it because it’s good for strength, toning and
great for working up a sweat. It is also helping her focus.” Amy, 26, needs all the focus she can get to stay away from her hedonistic lifestyle!

But Capoeira isn’t just for A-listers. It is gaining a huge following in Australia and overseas thanks to it dance-style moves. The Afro-Brazilian art form ritualises movement from martial arts, games, and dance. It uses fluid acrobatic movement and extensive sweeps, kicks, punches, and body throws to sculpts your upper and lower body.

“You can expect buns of steel and toned, conditioned legs thanks to the big, deep movements used in Capoeira,” says Elizabeth, 27, who has been practising Capoeira for six months. “It’s also a great mental workout because you’re constantly sparring with a partner so there are a lot of mind games involved,” she adds.

Hey, if Amy Winehouse can do it, surely we can! Want to give it a go? Check out www.capoeira.com.au for more details.

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