New Fitness Trend: The Trampoline Workout

June 21, 2015

Who knew that jumping around on a trampoline could help with a leaner torso and sculpt your muscles all at once? This amazing new workout is a great form of cardiovascular exercise since you’re sweating it out, using all of your muscles, and more importantly – having so much fun!

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The world’s first indoor trampoline park, Sky Zone Australia, celebrated its first birthday this week and held the Big Air Festival – a night full of action, extreme sport and exhilaration.

Sky Zone Alexandria boasts hundreds of trampolines, all connected to form one massive trampoline that literally allows you to jump off the walls. For the event, they partnered with Red Bull to host the inaugural 2015 Annual Wall Running Competition on behalf of the AWA (Australian Wall-Runners Association) and the Air Skate Showcase, the first of a yearly tradition.

Hot New Fitness Trend: The Trampoline Workout

With over 300 people in attendance, notable guests included The Roundabout Crew, comedian Frenchy, Jake Rich from Channel 9: Big Brother 2014, Maxi from Bondi Rescue, pro-surfer Indy Clinton and former elite gymnast Lauren Hannaford.

Do you think you’ve mastered the art of trampolining? Maybe it’s time to try your luck at wall running, which is the latest extreme sport all about combining the skills of jumping, gymnastics and cardio to create a truly remarkable way to workout. For us, we’re just sticking to trampolining right now.

Hot New Fitness Trend: The Trampoline Workout

Bring out your competitive side in one of the many dodgeball tournaments, or go at your own pace. It’s also suitable for adults and kids, so there’s no excuse why you can’t go out there and jump it out!

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