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This New Gadget Will Cure Your Period Pain Forever

This New Gadget Will Cure Your Period Pain Forever

No more pills, no more pain. 

We all know the feeling. Waking up on a brand-new day, rolling over to turn off your alarm, crawling out of bed – and then it happens: sharp, jabbing pain in your lower abdomen. Then you remember. How could you have been so silly to forget? It’s that time of the month again.

It may seem unbelievable, but those miserable scenarios could soon be a distant memory thanks to Livia, a new device that promises to eradicate period pain at the flick of a switch, with no physical side effects.

The gadget, which is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign, works by blocking the body’s ‘pain gates’ as it stimulates the nerves and obstructs the signals from passing to the brain. You’ll simply turn on the device after attaching gel stickers to their abdomen or lower back (the source of discomfort). The handy machine then transmits electromagnetic pulses that keep the nerves occupied and stop your brain from registering menstrual agony. The result? A pain-free period for eternity.

Better yet, Livia relieves and targets the problem areas instantly – faster than any drug on the market – and can be turned on for as long as necessary. As well as this, the tiny machine is designed so your body cannot build up a tolerance, so you can literally go all day and night without the slightest hint of cramps.


According to Livia’s medical advisor, Professor Bari Kaplan, more than 50 per cent of women suffer from periods so uncomfortable they consume an excessive amount of over-the-counter drugs.

“[But] Livia uses a pain-relief method that does not involve drug consumption. The method it uses has been proven effective in several clinical studies and I strongly recommend the use of the device to relieve PMS pain at any time,” says Kaplan.

Even though it’s set to be released in October this year, the company’s crowdfunding page has already surpassed its target of US$50,000, taking in more than US$348,600 in donations.

Equipped with the possibility of providing women across the world with regular, agony-free periods, clearly the creators of Livia are on to something – and we’re more than happy to be involved.

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