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October 25, 2010

Promises to Keep By Jane Green

Published by Penguin Group RRP $32.95

Callie Perry has a pretty perfect life. It may not be everyone’s idea of happiness – her husband spends more time travelling for his job as a commercials director than he does at home – but it works for her. It gives her time to work – she is a successful family photographer – and be around for her two kids, and her friends. She lives in Bedford, New York, is beloved by all who know her, and wakes up every morning grateful for how happy she is.?

Her younger sister, Steffi, the baby of the family, has never grown up. In her early thirties and the epitome of a free spirit, she’s never held down a job, or a boyfriend, for longer than six months. Her latest incarnation is as a vegan chef. She’s living with the latest unsuitable man, in a sixth floor walk up in Soho, and her parents have almost given up hope that she’ll ever learn what it is to be responsible.?

Lila Grossman is Callie’s best friend. Single, she’s finally met the man of her dreams. Ed has a son she adores, a crazy ex-wife she doesn’t, and she finally feels ready to settle down. If, that is, their goals are the same.?

And then there are Callie and Steff’s parents. Walter and Honor . Divorced for almost thirty years, they haven’t spoken for most of that time. They may share two grown-up daughters, but it is agreed by all who knew them, they share little else.?
Until they all receive a shocking phone call that changes their lives forever, and brings them all together one short, snowy winter.?

Promises to Keep is about the hard choices we sometimes have to make; about having to be a child, long after you’ve grown up, and mostly, about the enduring nature of love.

Shesaid Says:

Long time fans of Jane Green chick lit novels will no doubt have been eagerly awaiting her lastest novel about women, friendships, love and heartache. This one is a lot different to other novels in that it tackles a much more serious topic than just family, careers, sibling rivalry and love like most of her other eleven novels.

The first half of the novel is spent learning all about the characters, Callie the older more perfect sister, who everyone loves including her sexy husand and 2 gorgeous kids, and Steffi the younger sister that is more creative and impetuous than Callie plus their friend Lila the short little Jewish woman that has been part of their crazy family since the girls met at summer camp decades ago. The girls lives are totally thrown into chaos midway through the book with one of the girls (not to spoil it for you!) diagnosed with cancer.

The rest of the novel is a journey through the emotional rollercoaster that is the treatment of cancer and how everyone copes. It is beautifully written and obviously written from the heart as Jane Green’s best friend died of breast cancer last year and she has written this book since that experience has changed her life. Each chapter actually has a recipe in it that Jane Green created and cooked for her friend last year during her illness. Sadly, since most of us have been touched by someone they love dying of breast cancer this book touches your heart and makes you realise that shouldn’t just tell your friends you love them, you should SHOW them you love them. Might need the tissues for this one chicks!

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