“New Moon” movie review!

November 25, 2009

It’s the biggest movie release of the year but is the Twilight sequel any good? Julia Teen braves the teen rush to review it for you!

I have a confession to make. I haven’t read “New Moon”. Shocking, I know — I’m female and under 30 years old — but haven’t yet subscribed to the current hysteria that is the “New Moon” saga.

I did however manage to read “Twilight” before the original movie came out and found it unique, enthralling and beautifully written. As I’m sure many people find, once you have committed to a book, loved it and finished it, the movie version will never live up to your expectations. Whilst Robert Pattinson is absolutely gorgeous, sufficiently pale and a decent enough actor, he will never live up to the Edward Cullen you created in your head. Thus, “Twilight” the movie never did it for me and I think it was for this reason that I never bothered to continue to read the next instalment; “New Moon”.

Watching “New Moon” with no expectations and a vague understanding of the plot line and the continuation of the story, allowed me to enjoy it for what it is- a young girl’s ongoing battle with the bad boy in her life. However In this case, Bella’s somehow now managed to snag herself two bad boys. How she manages to do it is beyond me (personally speaking, Kirsten Stewart bores the hell out of me. Smile for god’s sake! Not even on the red carpet? Dakota Fanning, on the flipside… now there is a girl with stage presence!) Somehow though, Bella finds herself in between a rock and a hard place. A Vampire and a Werewolf. Natch.

On a side note, shouldn’t it be illegal for a 16 year old to look that good? Not RPattz – he is a dreamboat, granted, but Jacob Black and that chest! So should not be allowed…

As far as a sequel (or in this case, simply the next chapter in the saga) goes, New Moon does outdo its predecessor and continues on from a story that could have had its happy ending. Beauty tames the beast. And for me, who always is left asking the question- what happens next? Is this going to work in the long run? Would Edward really have continued to protect Bella? (It’s an annoying habit really, never satisfied with a happy ending!) Thankfully, all these questions were answered, and by the wrap-up many more were posed. It is to this end that I am announcing that I can’t be waiting another year or two for Eclipse the movie to hit the screens; I’ll be reading it tomorrow.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

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