New sex toys for women to spice it up!

September 14, 2009

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Get sexy this September with the help of these new female-friendy tips and toys from PASH founder Jo Karabin!

Spring is traditionally “mating” season and when we’re all supposed to get a little bit frisky around this time of year! But the reality is that most
Australian couples – and singles – need a bit of a boost in the bedroom

Modern life is fast-paced, stressful and time-poor, so it’s not surprising
that relationships suffer as a consequence. In fact, a recent PASH poll found the majority of women were far from happy with the sensual side of their relationship and intimacy had all but gone out of the window, along with women’s self confidence in the bedroom.

It’s very easy to slip into a rather practical and fun-free relationship where work. Children, responsibilities and general stress take over and intimacy all but disappears. The worst thing is that once the intimacy’s gone, many women also lose their self confidence and feel less attractive; believing their partner is not really interested in them any more. Most of the time this is far form the truth and really a little bit of fun can go a long way to revitalising a stale, but nonetheless loving relationship.

So to help you get your mojo back here are a few tips to try this spring!

Start with a pamper

Nothing makes a busy woman feel better than a bit of time on her own in a
nice long bath in luxurious bubbles or bath milk and rose petals, followed
by a moisturise with some gorgeous body butter. It’s amazing how gorgeous you feel when you’ve spoilt yourself with a bit of a pamper session. It’s even better when your partner has run the bath, poured in the bubbles and lit a few candles!

Out with the nana knickers

Chuck out the greying knickers and buy yourself, or better still get your
partner to buy you, some sexy underwear. It can still be comfortable and
flattering, but you’ll feel so much sexier in a nice, matching, pretty set
of bra and knickers. They don’t have to be crutchless or see-through! Just
wear what you feel comfortable and sexy in!

Massage power

Do you remember when you last gave your partner a massage? It
doesn’t have to lead to anything; it’s just a lovely selfless act that bonds a couple together and can relax, rejuvenate and make you both feel fabulous.

Fun and games

Many men and women just don’t really know how to approach a naughty night so why not incorporate a games to get you started. Some role play always goes down a treat and you can team that up with a set of playful fluffy cuffs or try a tear-and-reveal game like “52 Weeks of Naughty Nights”.

PASH’s top three toys to try tonight

There is a toy out there for every one! But here is a list of our faves:

1. Love Rings: give both your partner and you additional pleasure – particularly the Bunny Vibrating Love Ring!

2. If you’ve seen “Sex and the City” you’ll know all about the Rabbit! It’s the quintessential vibrator for the modern woman!

3. But if you’re after THE bees knees of vibrators, this year’s must-have is the MINX. It comes with a detachable pleasure feather, has
Swarovski crystals and its own pink satin-lined snakeskin box and silver
engraved stand. So luxurious!

For more check out www.pashaustralia.com.au.

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