Resume Writing Tips Continued

January 14, 2003

Ms West says that employers taking part in the Aussie R?sum?s survey claimed that “personal” information was not used to make a final decision as to whether or not to employ the candidate.”For recent graduates, your r?sum? needs to demonstrate your educational development and achievements, in addition to highlighting any transferable skills you can apply to the position,” says Ms West.

“As your r?sum? may not demonstrate a vast amount of experience, it will be vital that your application includes a covering letter addressing the advertised criteria,” she says.

“Both the r?sum? and covering letter will be a strong marketing tool.”

“No application is complete without a dynamic covering letter,” says Ms West.

“This compliments your r?sum?s and briefly outlines your expertise.

“Unless addressing selection criteria, your covering letter should be no more than one page, typed in a clear readable font with full justification.”

Should I send my r?sum? by email or should I post a hard copy?

“Overwhelmingly, employers prefer applications by email and in most cases do not require a follow-up in hard copy,” says Ms West.

Most employers advertising a position will say in their ad how they want r?sum?s to be sent to them.

“If you are sending a r?sum? by email, it’s important to email your cover letter and r?sum? as one document and not as two separate attachments,” says Ms West.

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