New Year, New Wardrobe

January 31, 2006

New Year, New Wardrobe

Have your New Year?s Resolutions already fallen by the wayside? It?s never too late to refresh your life and the best way to do this is to create a ‘New Life Wardrobe’. You may want to create a ‘New Life Wardrobe’ to try and stick to a diet, move on from a job you?ve held for years or to get over a guy. You may just want to get more out of life. Here are the rules:

Rule 1: Remove ‘Old Life’ Clothes
Remove any clothes that you identify strongly with your old life, no matter how much you love them. This is really important because if you put something on that reminds you of your old life you may find yourself behaving as though you are in your old life by crying over you lost job, eating like you swore to yourself you?d never eat again or reaching for the phone to ring him one last time. I had to say goodbye to my favorite blue, chiffon top and a pair of jeans I was proud to finally fit into, but they reminded me of my old job.

Rule 2: Remove ‘Old Life’ Underwear
Okay, granny, it?s time to get rid of those undies. You know the ones I?m talking about ? they are mega comfy but look like they have room for two people and can double as a parachute. Sexy is as sexy does and your new life definitely calls for an underwear drawer clean out. Get rid of anything frayed or damaged as well as any that don?t make you feel like the gorgeous, confident woman you are.

Rule 3: Remove ‘Old Life’ Shoes or Jewellery
Sorry, but shoes and jewellery can cast you back to the place of no return too. There were a pair of shoes I call my ?default shoes? that I wore quite often to work that I chose to get rid of. The jewellery wasn?t so simple. Some gorgeous necklaces I?d bought to go with my beautiful blue chiffon top needed to go and some earrings that reminded me of my job. If you are doing this to move on from a man, anything he gave you as a gift needs to go too.

Rule 4: The Strongest Memory Trigger
Studies have shown that the strongest memory trigger is smell. So girls, it?s time for a new signature scent. This means, the old signature scent has to go. You know the one I mean ? the perfume you are known for that you wear often, almost every day? This goes for anything he gave you too, even if you hardly wear it and any perfume he?s commented that he likes.

Rule 5: What to do with it all?
You may have been raised being told not to waste anything. I certainly have. Gather together all your unwanted clothes, jewellery and perfume and organise a get together with close friends. Urge them to do the same thing and then hold a ‘Swap Party’ where you can trade some of your old things for some of their?s. Alternatively, you may want to give it all away as soon as possible and donating them is quick and easy. Selling some of it is a good way to finance your new life wardrobe. Look for second hand shops that want clothes and shoes or set up a stall at the markets and sell them yourself. You could even have a garage sale of sorts.

Rule 6: The Fun Part!
Call your most honest friend whose opinion you trust and ask them to come shopping with you for your ‘New Life Wardrobe’. My best friend was proud that I was embracing my new life in this way and was happy to help. She even bought me a new purse and some Dior lip gloss to help. New accessories and makeup will make you feel ever better. Money left over? We can always use a hair trim.

Rule 7: The Finishing Touches
Now that you are done, it is time to USE your ‘New Life Wardrobe’. Exercise, have a shower and get dressed. Then, find a new place to hang out, get all dressed up and go there. Your new life has begun!

By Jo Abi

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