The Newborn Baby Manual Really Does Exist

April 19, 2014
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New mothers (and fathers for that matter) have often been heard to cry, ‘If only this light bundle of joy came with a manual”. Before the birth of your first baby you tend to read everything you can get your hands but you often don’t think about all the information you will need once the baby is actually born and the reality can be overwhelming no matter how prepared you feel you are.

The people you often turn to for advice are your midwife, lactation expert, friends and family (especially those with young children) and, of course, your mum. But now you can get the expert help as soon as you need it with the new app and ebook, New Baby 101.
New Baby 101 is the creation of Lois Wattis, a registered midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Fellow of the Australian College of Midwives. Lois is also a mother and grandmother herself. With more than 20 years’ experience working in hospital and community settings, Lois has provided woman-centred care to hundreds of mothers and babies.
New Baby 101 covers all the baby essentials for first time parents, including preparing for baby’s arrival, breastfeeding, bathing and settling techniques. Filled with answers to the most commonly asked questions, it also contains videos for how to change a nappy (both cloth and disposable), swaddling techniques, breastfeeding techniques and more. It’s reliable and credible information in an easily accessible format.
Lois says the idea to share her knowledge came about a couple of years ago following the birth of her daughter’s first baby: “I was on hand to help with my grandson’s birth and support my daughter as a new mum.  She realised many people have to figure all that stuff out for themselves, so she encouraged me to write a book.” Lois and her daughter soon realised that “the first place people turn for help today is their phones, so we decided to create an app and ebook first.”
New Baby 101 is a free app which includes videos on swaddling and changing your new baby. You can then unlock individual topics for 99c or all 50 FAQs for $6.99. New Baby 101 ebook is just $19 at

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