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The Newest Sex Toys For Better Sex

The Newest Sex Toys For Better Sex

We eat organic, use natural skincare, so surely the next step is…organic sex toys?

Apparently Australians are turning to more eco-friendly options beyond their weekly farmer’s market visit. In the quest for better sex, without the carbon footprint, a range of eco-erotic toys from Leaf have skyrocketed on online adult store, Femplay. The toys are environmentally-friendly and contain rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries to help reduce waste.

In France, one eco-erotic toy company, Divinextases, has even been accredited with the national organic seal of approval for its range of sustainable booty balms (to help soothe spanked butts!) and intimate oils and perfumes.

Another new sex toy trend is the homemade vibrator.  Clone-a-willy is a DIY kit that contains medically-tested moulding gel so you can create an exact replica of your man’s private parts. The process captures incredible lifelike detail, making it the most personalised vibrating toy you could probably ever own.

Traveling or in a long-distance relationship, or just can’t get enough of your partner and want double the fun? Clone-a-willy is for you!

It’s such a success that it was even named one of the Christmas Gifts of the Year in Sweden!

And for women on the go, forget the Rabbit – two of the most popular sex toys over the last few months have been the Mini Max Waterproof Vibrating Lipstick and the Sexy Secrets Compact Bullet Vibe. Both fit discreetly in your handbag and don’t attract the attention of airport security!

Fess up, which sex toys would you try?


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