Nicholas Morley for Sportsgirl

August 4, 2009

“Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with psychedelic prints in my wardrobe and 80s tunes on my stereo.”

Remember Buddhist Punk? The cult local label founded by Nicholas Morley in 1999 and worn by everyone from supermodels to Keith Richards? Yep, it’s the label that stormed New York Fashion Week with Lizzy Jagger and the Richards sisters in tow and a runway flanked by music and fashion industry glitterati.

Since then Nicholas Morley, the former hair stylist, international fashion stylist, Mambo creative director come fashion designer has designed merchandise for the Rolling Stones, ACDC and Blondie, moved to Bali, launched his new label Nicholas X Morley and now collaborates with Sportsgirl. Phew!

Look for the Bustier Party Dress, Skull Beaded Tank, Slogan Beaded Tee emblazoned with “I don’t make mistakes, I date them” and the Silver Plated Skull Necklace in store now. Prices range from $10.00 – $170.

Don’t they just make you wanna throw your crimped hair into a high pony and dance around the living room?!

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