Nick and Jess finally headed for Splittsville

November 28, 2005

Nick and Jess finally headed for Splittsville

Desperate Housewife in VW sex romps?
Our award for most ridiculous media reporting has to go to British tabloid newspaper Daily Sport who claims Terri Hatcher has regular sex romps in a VW van parked outside of her house in LA for this specific purpose! What drugs are these journo?s on when they start reporting things like this? Not surprisingly Terri Hatcher is suing the paper for libel over its claims she had “sex romps” with men in a Volkswagen van, her lawyer said last week. London law firm Schillings said Hatcher, who stars in “Desperate Housewives,” had instructed it to begin libel proceedings against the Daily Sport over articles that she says “falsely alleged that she engages in sex romps on a regular basis with a series of men in a VW van parked outside her L.A. home for this purpose.” The claims “were repeated extensively elsewhere in many countries,” the firm said. Hatcher “bitterly refutes these offensive allegations,” it said. Even though the claims sound completely fabricated the case is still expected to go before the High Court in London next year. Wonders will never cease!

More legal rangles for Ali G
After his hilarious impersonation of Kazakhstan?s raving roving reporter Borat at the MTV awards, Sasha Baron Cohen has raised the heckles of the Kazakhstan government. The state?s foreign minister is threatening to sue Cohen, ?We view that Mr Cohen?s behaviour at the MTV Music Awards as utterly unacceptable, being a concoction of bad taste and ill manners? said Kasymzhomart Tokayev, Foreign Affairs Minister. The Minister goes on to suggest that Cohen?s act is part of some bigger plot by Kazakhstan?s enemies to bring down the country! ?We do not rule out that Mr Cohen is serving someone?s political order designed to present Kazakhstan and it?s people in a derogatory way? Some body needs to get a sense of humour don?t you think?

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