Nicky Hilton married!

August 17, 2004

Nicky Hilton married!

Well that’s something Paris hasn’t done…
Apparently it?s the Hollywood trend of the year ? have a quickie marriage in Vegas with a ?friend?. Following in Britney?s footsteps is 20-year-old Nicky Hilton, who married longtime friend Todd Meister in an impromptu Vegas wedding at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. According to reports, Nicky was wingeing about always being in sister Paris? shadow and how she?d like to be the centre of attention for once. So Paris told Nicky ‘You should do something crazy – like get married!’ The pair flew to Vegas the next day for a Stuff Magazine party. It was later in the night that Nicky decided to take the plunge. A pal noted: “Nicky wasn’t that keen on the idea at first, but after a few drinks, she came around to it.” Nicky and her 33-year-old husband previously dated in 2002 and is a longtime friend of the Hiltons. Wonder if her family will be as thrilled as Britney?s was?!

Splitsville, we’ll see how long that lasts
Britney’s wedding is off!
Pop princess Britney Spears has reportedly called off her wedding to dancer Kevin Federline. The pair apparently had a bitter argument during the photo shoot for her new perfume Curious, where the star told him the engagement was off. A close friends says “The dispute seemed to erupt over nothing. One minute they were all smiles, the next, it all blew up. There’s no way a marriage is on the cards if it carries on like this. Britney tore into Kevin with a fierce verbal lashing and her minders and mum looked on really embarrassed. She said she didn’t want to get married.? It wasn?t until her brother Bryan and mother Lynne intervened that the furious argument ceased.

To be hitched or not to be hitched
Are they or aren?t they betrothed?
Another trend in Hollywood – if you aren?t breakin? up you must be getting hitched! If you are Cameron Diazand Justin Timberlake first the press had them breaking up over an English model that Cam said her man never even met now the UK press have them tying the knot! The London Sun claims the celebrity couple who have been together for about a year and not had any public yelling matches and seem to be very much together are about to make it legal. The paper says the pop star, who’s all of 23, proposed to the 31-year-old A-lister after he secured permission from her parents and got the thumbs up from his mom. Some big so-called pals blabbed that the alleged nuptials will be “a very quiet affair,” with one explaining, “It will be more like that of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin – nice and discreet.” The so-called pals also added “Cameron is absolutely thrilled about the engagement. They are both very much in love.” Do you reckon that would get you un-invited to the wedding if you let that story out the press about one of your best mates? Don?t get too excited Princess Fiona?s reps keep insisting that the wedding rumours are just that ? RUMOURS! And that Cam has always said “I live alone… I love living alone. I don’t think I could live with anybody.” Stay tuned for this one!

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