Nicole Kidman’s keeping her mouth shut

May 31, 2005

Nicole Kidman’s keeping her mouth shut

Slightly more composed than her ex
Nicole Kidman is remaining tight lipped over her romantic intentions. She has constantly been seen with Elizabeth Hurley?s ex Steve Bing but it?s unclear whether she is still dating the billionaire. According to reports, Sean ?P. Diddy? Combs was trying his luck with the Oscar winning actress at a U2 concert on the weekend. According to the New York Post, Sean “hit on” Nicole “all night,” but “to no avail.” Nicole attended the Madison Square Garden concert with galpal Naomi Watts. Naomi sat perched on the lap of new love Liev Schreibe and according to a friend, “They are definitely together.”

No more freckle faced Lindsay
Lindsay Lohan seems to be going to extraordinary lengths to be considered as a serious actress. First she slimmed down to an alarming 50kg for her 1.7 metre frame, then she bleached her trademark red locks and now she seems to have done away with her freckles. According to a US based cosmetic dermatologist, it looks like the pint sized star has definitely used some sort of freckle removal system. “She may have used bleaching creams or had a chemical peel to get rid of them. Or she may have had the most effective treatment: lasering away any discoloration. It’s a quick and easy procedure.” Her latest film, Herbie:Fully Loaded, is being released in June.

The Fat Friend
Matt LeBlanc is sick and tired of people calling him fat. He has been making more headlines for his waistline than his acting skills and he?s pleading for the media to stop their persecution as there?s nothing he can do about his weight. “It hurts when people have a go at your appearance,” the former Friends star complains. “But then I’m a 36-year-old Italian, what do they expect me to look like?”

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