Nicole Richie flashes boobs

July 20, 2004

Nicole Richie flashes boobs

Beware the nipples
In probably one of the funniest stories of the week, Lional Richie?s daughter Nicole, recently showed her breasts to airport security. But she wasn?t using a decoy to get extra baggage through customs. Her nipple ring reportedly triggered off the metal detectors, and despite her explaining she was pierced, the security guard said “Well, what are you gonna do about it?” Nicole continued “I said: “Well, you can either scan it or… I don’t know what to tell you.” She said: “Well, visually, I can’t say that that is okay. Even if I look at it I can’t say it’s okay. I’m not even allowed to touch it.”
“I’m like: “What if I say you can touch it? It should be fine.” She’s like: “No, I’m not allowed to do that.”
“So they brought in two female officers and took me not to necessarily the most private place in the airport and made me take off my top. Thank God I’m not a shy person, but what if I was shy?
“You know what, you guys are letting lighters on the plane and stuff like that, but I can’t have a nipple ring? What am I gonna do – poke someone in the eye with it?” Well, it would certainly be a effective distraction?

Newlywed no more
No more Newlywedded bliss
Newlywed stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have decided the honeymoon is over, and are pulling the plug on their MTV series. The picture perfect pair have told US Weekly they?re over the 24/7 camera intrusion. “Done!” insists Jessica. “We’re not newlyweds anymore. We’ve had our share of the cameras. We’re at a point where we’ll want everything for ourselves and our family.” But it?s not like the pair are worse off from the series. Jessica?s album, which had languishing record sales first time around, was re-released and went multi-platinum. And as SheSaid reported last week, Nick has picked up a six episode gig as Alyssa Milano?s love interest in Charmed.

Jennifer Aniston
Tragic miscarriage for Jen
It isn?t a secret that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been having fun trying for a baby. But the Enquirer has learnt that the couple have indeed conceived, but tragically suffered a miscarriage early in the pregnancy. Sources say their love for each other has only been strengthened since the tragedy. There must be comfort in seeing the happiness of fellow Friend Courtney Cox Arquette. She too suffered miscarriages but has recently been blessed with daughter Coco.

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