Nicole Richie’s album worth waiting for?

March 22, 2005

Nicole Richie’s album worth waiting for?

Waiting for her stunning debut..
Nicole Richie?s impatient fans have been told they will have to wait a little longer for her first album. Apparently she?s been trying hard to put her whole heart into it but because she has so many projects, it?s taking a little longer than expected and won?t be released until the end of the year. She thinks the end result will be worth the wait. “It’s like a mixture of rock and soul, a little bit of dance also,” she says. “I play piano, violin and cello, so I’m gonna be playing [those instruments] on my album as well.” Wow, can?t wait.

David Duchovny isn’t keen on Britney
Britney?s a terrible neighbour
For someone who doesn?t want to talk about her life, there seems to be a lot of gossip about her at the moment?. This week, her neighbours David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are contemplating moving out of their Malibu home because they?re sick of Britney Spears as their neighbour. Apparently their usually peaceful life has been interrupted in the last two months since Brits and hubby moved in due to photographers camping outside. David said: “The other day I was walking to a restaurant and there were photographers in front, and they took a picture of me. I asked, ‘What’s going on?’ and they said, ‘We’re waiting for Britney.’ I knew they weren’t waiting for me.” Maybe it?s sour grapes?

But Kevin finally is
Kevin didn?t find Britney hot
Meanwhile her hubby Kevin Federline has admitted he wasn?t particularly interested in Britney Spears when he first met her. They met when she was 18 and she was 22, while he was touring with her, “I was on the road with her for two months. I’ll tell you one thing – I never thought any of this shit would happen.? Apparently a few years later they met again and even then he didn?t think much of her. ?A few years down the road, and a couple of tours later, I wound up meeting her ass again… and here we are. I didn’t find her hot, I wasn’t even really in that mind frame.” Maybe she?s hoping she?ll grow on us too if she talks about herself long enough?

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