Nikki Phillips’ fitness tips!

November 4, 2009

Nikki Phillips, one of Australia’s hottest favourite models, is PUMA’s first Australian fitness ambassador. We chat to her about how she stays in such good shape!

What is a normal day like for you?

“My typical day would include a healthy breakfast, a run with Tygalily, checking my emails and heading off for meetings and shoots.”

What is your weekly workout regime?

“A morning walk with Tygalilly normally for around an hour, come home and do about 30 full minutes of stretching and leg exercises and then either later that day I would choose between boxing, yoga or a 20 min run.”

How do you feel about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

“I think it is really important to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle – keeping fit helps you get more out of life.”

Do you ever have days where you just want to crawl under a doona?

“We all do! However, once Tygalilly sees me in my sports gear there is no doubt that she will remind me every two minutes that we are going exercising!”

What is your motivation trick to get yourself to a yoga class or run?

“One thing that I do, which now has just become habit, the moment I wake up I put my Puma sports gear on and strap on my ankle weights, so it’s on my mind that I have to exercise.”

What is your favourite workout music?

“At the moment it’s La Roux, AC/DC and Empire Records: The Soundtrack.”

Do you watch what you eat? In what way?

“I don’t believe in dieting, i believe in looking after yourself and eating healthy.”

What is your biggest food indulgence?

“Fruit salad and ice cream and for my sins chocolate covered peanuts.”

Do you have any handy healthy eating tips you swear by?

“I think it’s good for you to indulge in those chocolate and sweet cravings, but of course in moderation and make sure you have your servings of fruit and vegetables each day.”

How do you like to de-stress?

“By playing golf! I like playing a round of nine holes at Woollahra. It’s my hobby of mine so I don’t really take it too seriously, but it’s a great upper body workout and great way to catch up on gossip with your friends.”

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