9 Hacks For Making Your Outdated Clothes Trendy Again

February 15, 2016

Don’t give up on your clothes just yet.

Let’s face it, being trendy is expensive and time-consuming.

Not everybody has the fashion budget of Carrie Bradshaw and is happy to only wear their clothes once, which is absolutely fine, but sometimes you just get bored of your wardrobe full of nothing to wear.

Thankfully, splurging out on a big shopping spree isn’t always necessary when wanting to update your clothes; some DIY skills are often enough. You will be amazed at what you can do with a pair of scissors and some old frocks…

1. The T-Shirt fringe necklace


Who knew you could make jewellery out of an old T-shirt? Cut carefully around the collar leaving only the front of the shirt attached. Then, cut even strips all the way up to the collar and trim as much as you like.

2. The sequin collar shirt


To spruce up a plain white tee, all you need is sequin trim and thread in the shade of your choice and a needle. Hand stitch the trim onto the collar starting where the collar makes the V-shape and overlap slightly once you’ve gone all the way around. Stitch through the sequins’ holes to make the thread less visible.

3. The scarf braid bracelet


We all have that unworn silk scarf we got as a present years ago. Instead of regifting, make a bracelet out of it. Simply cut it into three long strands leaving about 3 inches (10cm) on one end intact and start braiding. Knot ends, and wear with pride.

4. The no-collar shirt


A men’s shirt can easily look more feminine by cutting off the collar and rolling up the sleeves. You can also make it an off-the-shoulder blouse by cutting a bit lower around the neckline.

5. The men’s shirt skirt


No cutting, no sewing – all you need is a large men’s shirt. Unbutton it as far as you need to be able to pull it over your hips, tuck the collar in and tie the sleeves at the front. Bam! You just made a skirt.

6. The brooch beanie


If you have an old beanie that looks a bit boring, you can make it a trend accessory by attaching a brooch to the rim or even recycling some fashion jewellery by sewing it onto the beanie.

7. The pearl collar

Statement collars instantly make a shirt more glam. You don’t need any sewing skills for this one, just some pearl studs and jewellery glue. Start by gluing the studs on at the front of the collar from both sides so they meet in the middle at the back, then let your handiwork dry overnight before rocking out in it.

8. The legging crop top

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-12 um 12.59.20

This one will blow your mind as it is probably the quickest and most surprising transformation. Take a pair of leggings and cut a hole in the crotch area. Put your arms through the leggings’ legs and your head through the hole you just cut. Nobody will ever know that you’re wearing leggings as a crop top.

9. The lace-up top

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-12 um 13.09.43

Lace-up tops are one of the biggest trends this year, so why not make your own from an old tank top? Just cut out the sides, punch three holes on either side (12 in total), secure holes with eyelets and pull laces through.

Images via pinterest.com and diply.com.


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