The No-Fuss Guide To Nose Contouring

August 29, 2015
Guide to nose contouring

Okay, we admit, sometimes contouring in general is a bit of a hassle. The lines aren’t properly blended, the highlight looks more like the sheen of a disco ball, and when on earth do we stop?!

Rather than pausing that next YouTube video every few seconds, we will share a few simple tips if you’re looking to create the illusion of a smaller nose.

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Apply your foundation as usual, and set it with a light translucent powder.

  1. Use a small shadow brush dipped into bronzer to carefully draw two thin lines on either side of your nose. Then connect them in a semi-circle at the bottom of your nose.
  2. Blend with a fluffy brush to soften the edges. This might take a while, so keep blending until the lines are almost non-existent.
  3. Apply your concealer onto the middle of your brows in an upside down triangle leading up to your forehead. This creates the illusion of light, and will slim out your entire face.
  4. Blend well with a damp cosmetic sponge or the warmth of your fingers. Set it immediately with a powder.
  5. Take any leftover concealer that’s on your wand and lightly dab at the sides of your nose. It helps to brighten up the entire area, and really sculpts the face.


  • Use a light hand! Remember to dust off the bronzer onto your palette to remove any excess product from making its way onto your face.
  • Make sure to apply your products with a clean, dry brush. Any eyeshadow brushes which have already been used might compromise the perfect contour, and instead make your nose look dirty.
  • Contour with a matte bronzer. Anything with glitter won’t look natural when applied onto the main dimensions on your face.
  • Invest in a good concealer. This concealer isn’t designed to cover up your blemishes, it should be used primarily to contour the eye area. Pick a shade a few colors lighter than your natural skin tone for this juxtaposition.

Image via Pixozu

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