Quitting Smoking : No ifs, no butts! – Part 2

October 21, 2003

No ifs, no butts! – part 2

TIP 1: Create a customised pre-quit smoking plan ? find an exercise that you enjoy before you give up, throw away your ashtrays, cigarettes, smoking paraphernalia and take down any photos of you smoking. Make a decision about how you?ll quit or talk to your pharmacist or doctor about your options. Then set a quit date and stick to it.

TIP 2: Prepare yourself for difficult situations and think about what you?ll do if someone offers you a cigarette. Speak to ?smoker friends? and explain why you?re giving up and how important it is that they support you. Also make it clear that you won?t try to ?convert? them into non-smokers. Unfortunately sometimes fellow smokers try to sabotage others because they secretly know they should give up too (even though they?ll never admit it!).

TIP 3: Increase your chances of long-term success and throw out your cigarettes soon after your period. A recent study found that women who gave up smoking later in the month had more success than those women who gave up before and during their periods.

TIP 4: Try using two methods of giving up at once such as using nicotine gum and getting emotional support from a support group as studies have shown this can help.

TIP 5: Prepare yourself and your life. Schedule your ?quit date? while you?re on holiday or at least at the end of a working week. Call the Quitline 131 848 to order a free quit book or speak to a counsellor about quitting (24 hours-a-day free national counselling service) www.quitnow.info.au Or check out 34-year-old supermodel Christy Turlington?s website which she set up to inspire others to quit too www.smokingisugly.com

And finally don?t use putting on weight as an excuse not to give up. Studies have shown that not everyone puts on weight and those who do should expect to put on roughly two kilos due to the metabolic change.

Quit For Chicks

With a foreword by supermodel Sarah O’ Hare (who gave up for good in August 2001) and advice from Dr Cindy Pan, Quit for Chicks is hot pink, easily fits into your hand-bag, cost less than a packet of cigarettes and answers the questions you’ll face when you do give up, like: Will I put on weight? What will happen to my social life? Will it be worth it? And, most importantly: how do I stop? Quit for Chicks by former health editor Kathy Buchanan, Penguin, RRP $9.95 is available in all good book stores.


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