November book reviews

November 15, 2005

November book reviews

Rosa and the Veil of Gold
Kim Wilkins
Harper Collins

Anyone interested in Russian history or mythology will love this book. It centres around researcher Daniel St Clare who is working on a television in Russia. His lost love Rosa Kovalenka finds an ancient golden bear, and Daniel and a workmate Em Hayward set of on a journey to find out its origins. While travelling the pair and Rosa get caught up in separate adventures in the mystical Russian countryside. The book is filled with flashbacks of secret Russian history, and tales of mystery and intrigue. Perfect for anyone curious about a world they never knew existed.
RRP $29.95

Leaning Towards Pisa
Sue Howard
Random House Australia

If this doesn?t inspire you to pack your bags and head to Italy, nothing will! Sue Howard is one in quite a long line of recent travelogues about taking up the Italian/French/Spanish way of life. The difference with her is perhaps her age. She was a 49-year-old Grandmother when she decided to venture over to Italy for a holiday. On a whim, she agreed to an interview as an English teacher in Pisa and before she knew it she was living in a little flat and had signed on for 9 months as a teacher. This book is an entertaining account of her experience of the Italians and her life in general. We experience the death of her father, the birth of her second grandchild and finding an Italian romance.
RRP $32.95

Fast easy way to learn a language
Bill Handley
John Wiley & Sons Australia

Learning a second language can be a daunting task, with imagined hours and hours of practice and work to achieve a basic understanding. This book helps people new to the language learning process to avoid common traps and pitfalls of starting out. With chapters on grammar and basics of pronunciation, this work is more of a general guide to languages, instead of a detailed summary of how to speak them. That being said, there is something for the more advanced language students, stretching into vocabulary and similarities between languages if you are planning on learning multiple languages. A very good starting ground for the budding language student.
RRP $19.95

Real Estate Cash from Treasure and Trash
Cathy Jayne Pearce
John Wiley & Sons Australia

If you are looking to start renovating property for profit (or fun) then Real Estate Cash from Treasure and Trash is a good little quick guide. With practical examples that the author has completed previously. There are also guides on how to find the right property to work with, financial guides and cost guides, this book is a straightforward look into how to get started getting big wins in the property market.
RRP $29.95

Mary Mary
James Patterson
Hachette Livre Australia

?Hollywood has a new psycho, and FBI agent Alex Cross is on the case?
FBI agent Alex Cross is back in James Patterson?s new thriller ?Mary, Mary? involving a serial killer that is one that Cross has never encountered before. Mary Smith is targeting the Hollywood A-list and all of L.A.s celebrities think they could be next!! Cross must team up with the LAPD and delve into the superficial world that is Hollywood before the fan everyone could do without, strikes again. Patterson delivers once again in an intriguing and plot twisting thriller. A page turner of a book Patterson fans will be satisfied as FBI agent Alex Cross goes into the depths of the serial killer?s mind to find a pattern that will unlock this mystery.
RRP $32.95

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