November career questions answered

November 22, 2005

November career questions answered

Question: i have a job in a super market and I am really stressed because they keep cutting my hours back and I have looked for a new job but i can’t get one. Can you help?

Answer: Hi,
Try not to be stressed because this situation could be the catalyst for you starting and exciting new job or career! Firstly you need to find out why your applications have not been successful. Are you winning interviews? If so then the problem is probably your resume. Are you winning interviews but not getting the job? If so then you will need to work on your interview skills.
I recommend that you do the following to dramatically improve your success rate:
? Always phone the employer before sending in your application ? doing this will allow you to ask questions about what type of candidate they are wanting to employ
? Use the information gained from the phone call with the employer to tailor your resume by emphasising your most relevant skills
? Always phone the employer after sending in your application. By doing this you will ensure that they have received and read the application.
? Design a 2-3-page resume which includes accurate dates, clearly highlights your skills and experience and demonstrates your achievements
? Always research a potential employer before attending an interview, this includes finding out as much information about the job that you are applying for, information about the interviewer/s and the organisational culture
? Before attending the interview use the job description to work out all of the possible question that you may be asked in the interview
? Work with a Careers Coach to practice your interview skills

In addition to this you need to ensure that you are applying for enough positions. Remember looking for a new job is a fulltime job in itself.

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