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November DVD Reviews

November DVD Reviews

November DVD Reviews

Monster in Law
You?ll be feeling grateful you don?t have Jane Fonda as a mother-in-law after seeing this film. Jennifer Lopez plays Charlotte `Charlie’ Cantilini who finally meets the man of her dreams ? Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan). The only problem is his mother, Viola (Jane Fonda). Viola is a recently fired news anchor who is petrified she might lose her son in a similar vein to the way she lost her career. Her solution is to scare off her son?s new girlfriend in order to have her son all to herself. If you can stop cringing at Viola?s behaviour, then you?ll love Jane Fonda?s performance in this film! Michael Vartan has a pretty none existent role, J.Lo?s performance isn?t great but nonetheless it is a reasonably funny film.

The Wedding Date
The Wedding Date centres around Kat Ellis (Debra Messing), a New York girl who returns to her parent?s house in London for her younger sister?s wedding. She is terrified of seeing her ex-fianc? again and is particularly keen to show she is over him and has moved on with another man. Problem is, she doesn?t have another man so hires top class male escort Nick (Dermot Mulroney) to pose as her boyfriend. He is charming, dashing and oh-so handsome and soon wins over the entire family. Of course, the questions remains, will he win over Kat. This film is a great chick flick but like many romantic comedies, it?s very predictable.

The Standard of perfection ?Show Cats and Show Cattle? by Mark Lewis
What seems at first to be a disparate group of individuals, Show Cats gradually becomes an inspiriting drama of surprising depth and sophistication. Taking you through the feline-filled lives of the people that love and compete in the Cat Shows of America, right up to the main event and excitement of the final black ribbon. Show Cattle is the same again, but with bovine herbivores as the stars of the show. The people who own and tend these animals show the same level of enthusiasm and dedication as their mouser counterparts, but with an interesting section on the underhanded tactics used by the more unscrupulous of the competitors.

Carlo Acosta?s TOCORORO A Cuban Tale
Featuring the original Cuban cast, this dance explosion comes to live with vibrancy and energy that is hard to find. Classical ballet is meshed with contemporary dance and sultry rhythms of Cuban music. The tale follows a Cuban country son who moves on to forge an urban future and all that happens on his way there. Tocororo is a one of a kind experience for lovers of dance, and even for those looking for something new.

French and Saunders ? At The Movies
Classic comedy sketches meet music parody and more artful movie spoofs and satire, this made for video collection is more of a collection of French and Saunders body of work spanning the 1990s. The style of humor is very much a nineties type feel, when sketch comedy ruled the television comedy airwaves. So if you are a French and Saunders fan, or if you are just looking to find those sketches that had you in stitches, try this on for size.

House of Wax
Paris Hilton stars in this film. This was the first thing that we noticed as we grabbed the popcorn and dimmed the lights. What we discovered was a very formulaic horror movie awaited us with more giggles than screams. Basically, a group of teens finds themselves stranded in the boondocks of America, with oddball locals and a mysterious wax museum in the small forgotten town. Heavy on the gore (Paris has a very?interesting death scene in here) this film is cheesy horror and has no qualms going hell for leather to outdo the genre.

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