November Horoscopes

November 1, 2010

November Horoscopes

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As holiday season approaches you are in the mood for adventure. Annoyingly, other demands may stretch your patience and lead to frustration. Channel your excess energy into hard physical activity or exercise. Try to remain focused on the present task and you will get a great result. You will then be free to enjoy yourself without interruption.


Though Venus remains retrograde til mid month, she is now the morning star. This gives you forward momentum. Even if you are moving into unfamiliar territory, you will be focused and confident; so much so, you will quickly get up to speed. Bask in the Taurus Full Moon on the 22nd which is tactile and sensual, but note there could be some awkward moments when hidden motives and true feelings are revealed.


A hectic month is in store and tempers could fray. Multi-skilling is your middle name but you might be losing sight of the bigger picture. What is the reason behind your actions? What motivates your choices and those of others? How does everything interrelate? How can you simplify matters and still get your message across? Ponder your purpose and listen to constructive feedback.


A spring clean is in order as you make preparations for the future. The process of cleaning and sorting can be quite a therapeutic experience. As you rearrange your possessions, clothing and décor, inspiration will strike and illuminate the setting. You will see things in a completely new light. Organise a social gathering at home and share the feeling of ambience.


Creativity is an important part of Leo life and this month you are overflowing with ideas. There is a playful aspect to life this month, especially the latter part of the month, when inspiration surely will strike. To see the full implications and scope of your vision discuss your plans with a trusted friend who will give you valuable feedback and suggestions, plus they can help you manage the details.


This is a busy month on the domestic front, and a good time to rearrange and de-clutter. This is a great time to plant new seeds in fertile ground. Prepare your soil and cultivate new ideas. Outline your plan for next year. Jupiter switches direction mid-month which gives you positive momentum, renewed confidence, as well as a desire for a change of scenery.


Venus rises into the morning sky so the law of attraction is working in your favour. Associations founded on similar values will endure. New people enter your life too, while money and resources are now freely available. Compromises are not necessary because you now know what you want and how to get it. Take advantage of this opportunity. Act decisively and bask in this confident light.


You have probably been evaluating the merits of key relationships, commitments and affiliations. This is as it should be. You are ready to move on from those that do not measure up. As Venus emerges into the morning sky you are ready to start fresh. Take things slowly and let nature to take its course. There is no need to force matters for you will soon see that law of attraction is working perfectly.


Mid month Jupiter gives you the green light you have been waiting for, though the timing may be a tad awkward. Adjustments to travel arrangements or other plans may be necessary in order to grab the opportunity now being presented. A window is open just enough to see the future clearly, even if this means reorganising your schedule it will be well worth it.


This month brings a critical and decisive shift. Whether you have consciously sought these changes or not, does not matter. A personal revolution is underway. Ultimately you will feel like you have been set free. Think outside the square and allow your imagination and dreams to guide you. Strike out on your own if necessary for others will follow your lead.


You may be a little distracted by your inner voice, chattering and assessing quietly in the background. This is probably because you are aware that a new chapter is about to written in the book of your life. While much is in transition, fear not. Every day brings an opportunity to shine. Make time to catch up with friends who will provide encouragement and support.


Both Jupiter and Neptune move direct this month, so you have absolutely no excuse for procrastinating any further. As always, there are many possible directions in which you might swim, but the important thing is to take the plunge and get wet. Alternatively, you might choose to sail, row, or paddle. Whatever mode of transport you decide upon, get a feel for the current and go from there.

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