November Music & Game Reviews

November 29, 2005

November Music & Game Reviews

Spook ? The Dusk Sessions
Urban beats, portentous melodies and haunting vocal lines are what Spook are all about on The Dusk Sessions. Think Portishead meets Garbage without the big guitars. Moody and melancholy, this album creates a darker feel that sits a little askew with the clean and crisp backing tracks, but none the less delivers something interesting and listenable. My pick of the album would have to be the cover of Lullaby originally by The Cure which was the star of the CD, and its inclusion gives a good idea that Spook are aiming for a more gothic attitude and sound on this release. Most importantly, this is by far the direction that vocalist Chanel Cole is destined for, rather than the usual and typical route of R&B singer and dancer, this album goes much deeper than that.

Wallace and Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit Interactive DVD Game
If you loved the Wallace and Gromit movie, you’re sure to like the game. This is the world’s first non-quiz DVD game ever released! The interactive game includes purpose built footage such as the Cracking Contraptions short films. Players can also travel around the board in Tottington Town Square, completing min-games in order to help collect ten clients for Wallace and Gromit’s Anti-Pesto business. Available from 23rd November.

Pixel Chix
This is a great game for little girls. The Pixel Chix? are new animated, interactive V.F.F (virtual friends forever) that were first spotted backstage at Mercedes Fashion Week this year. To interact with a Pixel Chix? pal just push her buttons, literally! Choose from a range of activity buttons ? food, fashion, play or go out ? choose a play category, and then select from the options presented using the ?yes? or ?no? buttons. Using these input buttons you can help your Pixel Chix? pal decide all kinds of things, like what to do – play guitar or go rollerblading? Where to go tonight – on a date or to a concert? What to wear – a skirt or a bathing suit? What to eat, even when to go to bed. Visit for more information.

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