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Weed Bath Bombs Are Taking Relaxation To A Whole New Level

Weed Bath Bombs Are Taking Relaxation To A Whole New Level

They’re giving new meaning to R ‘n’ R…

Is there anything more chill than a hot bubble bath after a long day at work?

Put on some music, light a few sweetly scented candles and soak your body until your skin gets all wrinkly…it‘s bliss. But our baths are about to get even better, thanks to US beauty company Mirai Clinical‘s latest creation: weed bath bombs.

That‘s right, hot on the heels of other ingenious pot inventions including the viral craze that has been weed tampons, and Whoopi Goldberg’s iconic marijuana PMS-relief line, we can now take in some of the touted health-promoting properties of cannabis in our evening baths…

So how exactly do they work? Well, without getting too sciencey, the product‘s most notable ingredients are cannabinoids (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As Mirai made sure to pack the bombs with less than three percent of these magic ingredients, they‘re 100 percent legal in the US (score!) and therefore very unlikely to give you any sort of a ‘high’ besides the feelgood vibes that come hand-in-hand with having a really relaxing soak in the tub.

Effects may not be as psychoactive as smoking a joint, but the pain and inflammation-reducing qualities of TCB and CBD make these bath bombs a game-changer for anyone with chronic pain or cramps. Reviewers claim the bath bombs are deeply relaxing, with some eager bathers saying they felt a ‘pleasant tingling’ sensation during use.

Mirai’s weed bath bombs

And don’t despair if you don’t live in the States, Mirai also ship internationally to spread the weed bath experience on a global scale.

You might have to be patient, though. Unsurprisingly, the product is currently out of stock until mid-November, showing just how high (pun intended) the demand for some serious relaxation time is.

I’ll be in the tub if anyone needs me.

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