Nude confessions

June 28, 2005

Nude confessions

Susan from Desperate Housewives was locked outside her house…nude!
It?s happened to most of us ? getting caught out in the nude. It’s mortifying at the time but it’s always fun to laugh about it later. Readers tell their more embarrassing nude experiences!

“Breast feeding my third daughter late one night when there’s a knock at the door. Assume my hubby has forgotten his keys again so I open the door. There’s hubby’s workmate picking up paperwork for their job the next day! I had undies on….and very full breasts!” Stephanie, NSW

?In the Sydney CBD; wearing nothing but a duvet! A very embarrassing drunken one-night-stand gone wrong!? Claire, NSW

?Hubby on Xmas morn videod me getting out of bed to test his new camera then he loaned it to the neighbours for them to video their kids; with me naked on it? Cath, QLD

“I was staying with my boyfriend at his parent’s house before our wedding blessing in England. We met up with friends that night and of course drank too many pints. During the night I went to the loo and got back into bed (thinking we were at our home in Oz). In the morning I awoke alone in bed and couldn’t recall the photo being by the bed the day before. I had climbed into the parents bed naked and gone to sleep with them! I am glad to say the family accepted me and we are still happily married after 12 years!” Julie, NSW

“While holidaying in Queensland I climbed the water slide at night (naked) only to realise that behind that fence there was a well lit highway. My husband still recalls how I stopped the traffic.” Tatiana, Vic

“The most embarassing situation i was caught in naked was my mum walking in the room while i was tied to the bed…!” Yvonne, Qld

“I was sunning myself at a Nudist Beach; when who did I spy but my boss; I have never felt to embarassed in my life. When I went to work on Monday I could not look him in the eye.” Karen, Vic

“Doing a ‘squatty’ behind our car on the highway and my partner thought it would be funny to drive off; leaving pants around my ankles!” Kiely, NSW

“I was just about to orgasm with my ex-boyfriend when my boyfriend appears with a shovel and states ‘That’s my girlfriend you’re screwing!'” Kathleen, WA

“Went camping with new friends in Qld. My guy and I sleep naked; up came the wind; away went our tent; totally sprung.” Margaret, NSW

“Experimenting with chocolate body paint; I had a severe allergic reaction to it and ended up in Emergency, naked, with snickering doctors all around me!” Ingrid, NSW

“I ran out to the line to get some knickers; and my husband crept up behind me and took my photo. We had only been married a short while. He bought it out at my 50th birthday!” Sandra, Vic

“When I was 19 my mum walked in on me and my boyfriend having ‘relations’. To make matters worst my mum said the next day she thought my boyfriend had a hot butt!” Ashley, NSW

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