October Book Reviews con’t

October 5, 2005

October Book Reviews con’t

The Complete Pilates On Mat
Jennifer Pohlman

This is a great present for busy mums or your girlfriends that hate going to the gym! This box set contains all the things you need for a private Pilates lesson without having to leave your own house. The set comes with a 64 page booklet with excellent large pictures of each of the exercises clearly photographed to enable you to get the exercises right from the beginning. The set also comes complete with a Pilates mat so you don?t need anything else (except maybe a little space in front of your TV to work out as there are DVD instructions). Jennifer Pohlman is Australian, and her DVD is so easy to follow that you have no excuse not to do it! It takes you through the exercises step-by-step and is perfect for beginners. The DVD also comes with a bonus workout ?More Simply Pilates? which is great if you get really into the first part of the DVD and you want to do more Pilates. If you want to find the connection between mind, body and breathing then this is definitely the best thing you could do for yourself!
RRP $34.95 but only $10.00 if you join the DoubleDay Book Club.
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What?s the GI?
Catherine Proctor

We?ve consumed only grapefruit halves, cabbage and soups. We?ve cut out carbohydrates, proteins, fats and sugars. We?ve all seen thousands of diets come and go with varied results. What?s the GI isn?t about being hungry, it?s not about giving up your favourite foods (thank goodness!) and it?s not about limiting your menu. It?s about learning the best foods and drinks to maximise your weight loss and improve your health and energy levels. Sound good? GI is an abbreviation for Glycemic Index, which is a way of measuring how quickly carbohydrates affect our blood sugar levels. This handy pocket guide explains food digestion and why low GI foods are better for our bodies. It also has a comprehensive list of low and high GI foods and meals, so we know exactly which we should avoid. An easy and simple guide to health.
RRP $6.95 but only $3.00 if you join the DoubleDay Book Club.
Save up to $3.95

James Patterson and Andrew Gross

If you are a CSI or a Law and Order fan then you will probably have already been introduced to the prolific works of James Patterson. His books are easy to read but hard to put down and the short, sharp chapters with loads of snappy dialogue keeps you thinking ? ?just one more chapter and then I will put it down?. Sadly it seems impossible to put down once you have started a James Patterson book. This latest collaboration with Andrew Gross is no different; in fact it has been raved about by fans as one of his best or back to his true genius as one reviewer put it. The story revolves around Ned Kelly (don?t laugh at his name!) as he is enjoying life as a lifeguard and general dogs body for a rich Florida resident, when his life is plunged into mystery, murder and mayhem as the body of a gorgeous socialite is found dead in her hotel room. Ned?s problems really begin when it is revealed he had just spent the previous afternoon in her bed. But worse is yet to come for our intrepid hero when he goes on the run after a bungled one-time art heist with his loyal pack of lifelong buddies from school that was meant to net them all a cool million each. The planned burglary goes sour when they are double-crossed and all of his partners are murdered. Panicking, he goes on the run, knowing that the killings and art deal all make him look utterly guilty. The speed of this novel will leave your head spinning but you will have to get a copy if you want to know how the mystery unravels!

Danielle Steel

The storm of the century has hit San Francisco on New Year?s Eve, and life will never be the same again. Join the lives of Quinn Thompson, a former businessman who now dreams of sailing around the world in his 180 foot yacht; his neighbour, lonely divorc?e Maggie Dartman; and intelligent but illiterate Jack Adams, the carpenter hired to repair both their homes. These three forge an unlikely friendship as they help each other overcome past losses and look forward to the future. This latest book from Danielle Steel will show that miracles really do exist.

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