October Book Reviews

October 5, 2005

October Book Reviews

Don?t Kiss Them Good-Bye
Allison Dubois

Many people have seen the TV show ‘Medium? which was inspired by the author. If you enjoyed the TV show and have an affinity for all that is a supernatural you?ll enjoy this book. It is a quick, delightful read, and Alison Dubois answers questions about those who have the gift of being a medium. The book describes her real life is like and how her gift developed. She gives many examples of how people spent years trying to get to a true medium so they could contact loved ones that had crossed over. For the believers, this book delivers the message simply and clearly that some have felt all along, that our departed loved ones are with us. A book that serves to enlighten.
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Bride Stripped Bear

This is a thought provoking novel written about a married woman?s secret life. Raw, raunchy, honest, entertaining and even a little sad, as a female this novel will make you think twice about sex, love and relationships. Told from the point of view of a middle class married woman living in London, the book takes you through the trials and tribulations of her marriage to Cole, a frequently absent art restorer, to her lusty affair with Gabriel her thirty-year-old virgin screenwriter she meets at the London Library. Definitely a hint of ?Desperate Housewives? here, but more just a case of desperately unhappy and unfilled with her life. This book so captivated the English media when it was published in March 2004 as it was penned by Anonymous. A media hunt to find the author ensued, creating a tabloid frenzy that ended with the exposure of little known Aussie author Nikki Gemmell who was quietly living the ex-pat life in London. Gemmell did not want to her identity to be revealed as she felt she could write with unbridled honestly about sex and the modern woman?s fantasies and desires if she knew none of her friends, family, parents or even her husband knew it was penned by her. Gemmell?s exposure as Anonymous drove the book to the top of the best sellers list for months and months around the world, so hopefully the pain of exposure was worth the thrill of the success of writing a best seller. Gemmell has promised a sequel that will be eagerly awaited by many fans of ?the bride?.
RRP $22.95 but only $5.00 if you join the DoubleDay Book Club.
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The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown

With 25 million copies in over forty languages, Dan Brown?s The Da Vinci Code has taken the world by storm. It?s set to become a major motion picture with Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou currently filming in Paris. With a scheduled release of next year, it?s time for the few people who haven?t read this best seller to get their hands on a copy. Even if you?re not usually a reader of mystery fiction, you may be pleasantly surprised by this book. Robert Langdon is a Harvard professor who specialises in Religious symbology. When renowned Louvre curator Jacques Sauniere is mysteriously killed, Robert and French cryptologist Sophie Neveu find themselves attempting to solve one of the greatest mysteries of the twentieth century. Prepare for some page turning action with this fascinating read.
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He?s Just Not That Into You
Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo

No matter how smart, beautiful and intuitive we chicks are, we always manage to spend half our lives over-analysing men. Between us, we?ll discuss our relationship with him or the reason why we don?t have a relationship with him. We?ll ponder why he said this, did that and looked at us in a particular way. Of course, some of this is fun and a completely natural part of our relationships with other women. Sometimes we are spending all our time overanalysing him and finding excuses for the blatantly obvious signs he is giving us. If you always end up in dead end relationships and always seem to be chasing him instead of the other way, then He?s Just Not That Into You is a must read. Writers and consultants of our favourite television show Sex and the City, Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo have put together myriad examples of guys who are ?just not that into you? From the guy who says he?ll call but doesn?t, to the long term boyfriend who says he?s in love with you but refuses to marry, these authors have the advice for you.
RRP $21.95 but only $5.00 if you join the DoubleDay Book Club.
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