October career questions answered

October 18, 2005

October career questions answered

Question: Hello, my name is Catherine. I am on a disability pension & live alone in a fairly remote area. I would really love to learn new skills like how to use Windows 11.1 Also Office, MYOB, etc so as I perhaps can become a receptionist or even work from home for someone or myself. There is training in town – Albany but it is just not practical for myself to go into town every day. Is there some course or courses that I could do at home? I have looked at the Thompson Education courses, but they are way too expensive!

Answer: Hi Catherine,
Working from home is a fantastic option! And, yes it is possible for you to get the correct training at home and at the right price. What you need to do is contact your local TAFE or any other TAFE and firstly find out if they have Approved Centrelink courses that comprise studies in Window?s 11.1 and MYOB. Secondly you need to find out if they will allow you to study remotely. Don?t be frustrated if you receive some resistance regarding remote study just explain your situation and persist until you find the right TAFE. Once you have secured the right course contact Cetrelink on 13 1021 and ask for information on the ?Pension Education Supplement?.

Once you have completed your training you can use your new skills to put together an amazing resume. Check out the CareersCoach website for tips on resume design. www.careerscoach.com.au Then start searching for jobs on jobsites such as CareerOne. It is also be a great idea to approach potential employers directly by e-mailing your resume and following up with a phone call.

Question: I am looking to make a transition from a career in law, to a career in the media. I have resigned from my current position as a lawyer with a large city firm and secured a job as a secretary in a television post production company. I am hoping to build up a part-time career freelance writing and use the position at the production company to make some industry contacts and gain some more experience. My ideal job in the longer term would be as a researcher in television, but I am not sure whether I am making the right first step. Do you think my current plans are going to put my in good stead when the right job finally comes up? What else should I be doing to eventually secure my dream job?

Answer: Hi Sally,
This is very exciting! You have taken a brave step and one that with the right planning and a little determination will get you to where you want to be in your career. Firstly take the time to think through what you want to achieve and then make a plan of how to get there, consider all factors such as your time constraints, what you enjoy doing and what will get you the best results. Once you have made a plan break it down in to smaller goals and work towards each goal. Finally look for a mentor or coach to work with you to ensure that you stay on track and achieve your goal. When designing your plan of action start with the end in mind, then work backwards. Imagine that you are already working as a researcher in television. Then ask yourself what would you have done in the past to get to this point? What contacts would you have made? How did you make these contacts? How did they help you? Did you complete any additional studies? If so were they necessary? Did you build a portfolio of articles, if so what sort of articles? How did writing these articles prove that you have strong research and TV skills? Would you have written freelance articles? Did you explore the possibility of working in community television as a volunteer?

Sally there really are many ways to achieve this end result but what you need to ensure is you spend your time in the most effective manner so that you can get the best possible results as quickly as possible. What you also need to do is to regularly stop and consider what is going to be of most importance to your future TV employer? As yourself how you will stand out from the crowd of ambitious journalists. By understanding the importance to differentiate from others you will dramatically increase your success.

Got a career question? We know that careers can be challenging and for that reason we have enlisted the help of CareersCoach Lisa O?Brien. Lisa will answer any Career Questions that you have. She has told us that no question is too big, too small or too silly. Email Lisa

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