October Horoscopes

October 6, 2010

October Horoscopes

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When a relationship commences, values need to be aligned so compromises are often required. Now is the time to get the mix just right, not only in your personal life, but across all areas. This will ensure you strike the right balance between give and take, which will not only create harmony, but avoid potential power struggles from escalating.


This month Venus disappears from the evening skies signalling a period of assessment and evaluation. It’s time to consider the merit of all key aspects of your life, including your career path, money matters, and most especially relationships. What is your true worth and what value do you place on your commitments? Focus on the truly worthwhile, which will endure.


How quickly things change in Gemini-land! This month Mercury tees up with Saturn which will help you develop staying power and work out a long range plan, though knowing just where to start is the tricky part. This is potentially a rather long and steep learning curve so take one step at a time. For optimum results exercise a little patience.


Consider your creative ideas and allow new visions to take shape. Planting these seeds into the garden of your existing growth path won’t be difficult if you make a few minor adjustments and weed out any pests and bugs beforehand. Strike a balance in your relationships between give and take for this will give you the extra time you need for growth to occur.


If others have no respect for your possessions, your values, or your opinion, then you are probably justified in pointing out their error. Whatever the conflict, the other party has a totally different viewpoint which is probably just as strong as yours. There is no point inflaming the situation just to make your point. A cooling off period is needed. Call a truce. In the end you may have to agree to disagree.


Mercury’s alignment with Saturn substantially boosts your financial and professional standing. Some important developments are already slated, but a surprise offer or proposal is also close at hand. They say to strike while the iron is hot, to take full advantage and establish your credibility. You need not press the point however, for friendly discussions will iron out any creases, or crinkles.


With Venus in transition from evening star to morning star, it’s time to evaluate the merits of your plans, your personal standing, contacts, finances and relationships. Staying true to yourself will ensure a positive outcome, even if this means you have to negotiate new arrangements that change the power balance and your overall plans.


They say that doors open as others close. Some moments in life are major turning points in our journey, but we only become of their significance with hindsight. Venus is entering the underworld, so all you need do is ask and she will bestow her gifts. The law of attraction is bringing to you exactly what you most need and desire. Be guided, as always, by your instinct and any meaningful symbolic co-incidences.


It’s a mixed bag this month with a number of distractions and diversions. You might think this means you are treading water and not really going anywhere, but in fact this gives you an opportunity to reflect upon the past and ponder the future before you take action in the present. Take a break and consider your options. Meditate and visualise before making decisions.


As the finer points of the coming year are being organised in your mind, you might be considering a few options, including a return to part time study, but then again, travel may also feature in your thinking. Though your life is changing in substantial ways, you have more time on your hands than you think. Knowing this, you might undertake some community work as well and still have spare time to devote to an old hobby.


This month’s Venus-Mars alignment is great for your career prospects, falling as it does in your sector of public recognition and achievement. This will infuse you with ample inspiration, passion and energy for the project at hand. Since Venus will soon disappear from view there is not much point seeking advice from friends or colleagues. Stay focused. Guidance and insight will come from within your own heart and mind.


Last month I suggested that you spend time getting your finances in order. So here is a question for you; have you actually done this? Pisceans are known to procrastinate so I am underscoring the fact that you should get a budget sorted out now. You may soon be distracted by an arrow of love from Eros. When romance strikes you will be preoccupied and unable to see what other priorities exist.

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