Odd Jobs – Underwear Designer

June 4, 2001

Marion Turner.

Marion Turner was so sick of protruding g-strings and the proverbial ‘wedgie’ that she designed her own range of perfect hipster knickers – and all with out giving up her day job! SheSaid asks her how.

How did you come up with the idea for hipster knickers?

The idea started in Melbourne on a shopping trip with friends. While we were sitting in a cafe we noticed a girl sitting at the table across from us, a bright purple g-string protruding from her jeans. After chuckling about it and worrying that we had the same dilemma we decided that we could design and create the ultimate in comfortable, sexy and ‘hidden’ underwear ourselves.

We listed the things we hate about underwear, for example: the riding up above hipster pants, the “cut-in” from tight elastic, the infamous wedgie effect, and lacking in sexy/attractiveness verses comfort and price!

How did you turn your idea into a real product?

After a few trials, (failures included) and many friends as willing guinea pigs, I created what I think is the perfect design. I had some stretch lace in my fabric box, played around with some cuts, seams and folds, and eliminated a seam or 2 to minimise bulk.

What inspired you to take the plunge and actually do it?

I knew I could do it!

Have you had any experience in the fashion/clothing production industry? If not, how did you know what to do?

No, only what mum taught me as a kid. She encouraged me to make my own clothes and accessories, I learnt to knit and sew at an early age. I also learnt how to make a garment from a pattern and adjust the pattern to incorporate my own ideas.

What is your day job?

I work as a website builder at a new media company in Sydney and have been in the Web industry for 4 years. I am hoping to get the knickers into some boutiques and market stores next.

How did you go about marketing your product? Where can you buy your knickers?

I found word of mouth worked best. You can purchase them directly from the web site: http://www.madebymarion.com. I’m also looking at some boutiques in Newton and Paddington (NSW) to take on the range.

What’s the best part about designing, marketing and selling your product?

Coming up with the creation in the first place and all the amazing, positive comments I received about it so far.

What’s the worst?

Asking for money for something that I enjoy doing so much.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Smiling and enjoying myself.

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