Office Appropriate Hairstyles For Long Hair

February 4, 2015
Office Appropriate Hairstyles For Long Hair

Anyone with really long hair knows that styling it on a good day can often be a pain. Ponytails always slip out of place, buns never hold, and who has 30 minutes each morning to tame those locks in general?

If you need a few easy hairstyles for the office, try a few of our suggestions down below, and let us know if they work for you!

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Low bun

Rather than spending half of the morning threading your hair through a sock bun, keep it simple and wear your hair down low. Spritz with a sea-salt spray to keep it nice and sleek, then gather the hair and tie into a bun on the nape of your neck. Use a few extra bobby pins to tame those stray hairs or shorter layers around the face.

Office Appropriate Hairstyles For Long Hair

Simple braid

Wear your hair down and create two little braids just above each ear. This should keep any stray hairs away from your face while you work, and won’t disrupt you during the day. Once you have braided each side, meet in the middle and fasten with a clear elastic for extra hold.

Office Appropriate Hairstyles For Long Hair

Inside-out ponytail

Keep your ponytail down low (in the middle of your head), since it won’t drop from this position after a hard day at work. Back-comb your hair, and fasten with a clear elastic. Then create a small hole just above the elastic, and thread through your ponytail. This creates a cute look which spices up your standard ponytail.

Office Appropriate Hairstyles For Long Hair

Fishtail braid

Keep your hair in place all day long by creating a quick and easy fishtail braid. Divide hair into two parts, and pull a thin piece of hair over the first section, and add this over to the second. Repeat this step on the other side, and secure with an elastic band. For a messier look, tug at the braid on both sides.

Office Appropriate Hairstyles For Long Hair

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