Office Romance Do’s And Don’ts

July 31, 2012

Flirting with a co-worker? Hoping your friendship with the boss will turn into something more? A third of relationships meet between 9 and 5, some turn out well, others, disasters! We’ve been there, so learn these do’s and don’ts to save your career and reputation!

Flirt discreetly:

Discretion is the key to a successful office romance. Brushing past someone or a stolen glance over the photocopier is far more enticing than draping yourself over his desk.

Also, people are watching. Maintain your professionalism at all times.

Anticipate responses:

Misreading the signals can be disastrous. Is he smiling at you, or does he smile at everyone? Be aware that many people put on a ‘friendly’ mask at work.

You risk huge embarrassment and possibly your job if you proposition your boss and he doesn’t know who you are. Do the groundwork and if you think he’s interested, build up a friendship. It will improve your chances for a long-term relationship.

Decide whether to confide in colleagues:

Every office has an office gossip – or worse. Workplace relationship can incite jealousy and backlash. Be careful who you tell.

Don’t have sex on the photocopier:
It’s all part of the package of an office romance but most offices now have security cameras. Enough said. Save the passion for after-hours.

Be careful with emails:

It’s likely that your company can access your emails so be extremely cautious. Also, hit the wrong key and the whole building will know how you like your strawberries and whipped cream.

Make sure he’s worth it:

If you’re going to risk your career, friends and livelihood then make sure he’s worth it.

Leave him if he’s married:

You may get swept up in emotions from spending so much time together, and after one too many after-hours drinks you may have even enjoyed a little flirting. But relationships with married co-workers is a no-no.

Consider the consequences, and that includes your career, your reputation, his family and his job.

Have you had an office romance?

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