Oh My Dog!

February 3, 2000

Did you know that there are 105 million dogs worldwide with 3.5 million pet dogs in Australia, which means there is 1 dog for every 5 people? Also that Australians spend on average around $12 a week to feed and care for their dog.This is probably why two dog enthusiasts, Laurent Jugeau and his partner Etienne de Swardt decided to create Oh My Dog, which is a line of dog perfume and matching shampoo products. Each ingredient was selected for all races and both genders of dogs. The scent is a mixture of Rosewood, orange leaves, freesia, osmanthus, vanilla and sandalwood. Following a strict protocol, chemists, dermatologists and vets worked together to test dogs accompanied by their owners. Dogs loved it, so did their owners and you can to. Oh My Dog Eau de Toilette nnd All Over Shampoo are available from online. A delicate perfume formulated just for dogs.

A sophisticated yet fresh woody floral blend that will be sure to give you and your best friend a sense of confidence whether at home or traveling on the road. Its top fragrance notes evoke rosewood, freesia, and vanilla absolue. This perfume is hypo-allergenic and veterinarian approved.

Made in France – Just what the vet ordered for your best friend.

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