Olsen twins homeless?

June 29, 2004

Olsen twins homeless?

Olsen twins in trouble
Despite their recent inheritance of around $150 million each, like many in New York, the Olsen twins are finding it hard to find an apartment. They are set to start school this September at New York University and had their hearts set on leasing a $3.5 million dollar condo, but apparently the owner had reneged on the deal. The 3 bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village was around $14,000 a month in rent, but despite the fame surrounding the siblings, owner Amy Hunter was reluctant to rent to the pair. She told the Post that she thought the twins would have a tough time gaining approval from the condo?s strict co-op board. The girls have had a tough time of late. According to Ashley, Mary-Kate has been suffering from Anorexia for some time, until recently the family got involved and forced her to receive medical treatment. As a result, Ashley scrapped her recent Oz tour to be with her sister. To make matters worse, Ashley recently split with longtime beau Matt Kaplan, Mary-Kate?s car was mangled when her bodyguard careered into her SUV and their first feature film New York Minute has made less than US$14 million since its release last month. I?m sure it?s not the last we see of this dynamic duo though…

Jude’s girl Sienna Miller
Jude?s got his women back on track
Jude Law was thrilled over the weekend when his current girlfriend Sienna Miller and his former flame Sadie Frost kiss and made up over the weekend. Thirty-one-year-old Jude and 37-year-old Sadie separated in early 2003 and within weeks, Jude moved onto young blonde Sienna. When Sadie heard about her ex-husband?s new woman, she labelled the 22-year-old ?a silly fling?. It seems that the age gap hasn?t been a deterrent for the pair and several months later they?re as strong as ever. But at the recent Glastonbury festival in Somerset, Sienna felt a little threatened when she heard Sadie was turning up. One festival source says, “Sienna was quite distressed when she first found out Sadie was arriving, especially as she was with a-list friends Kate Moss and Liam Gallagher and she didn’t have Jude there for moral support.? The pair had a chat and were later seen hugging. Sources said, ?Some people said the hug was just for the cameras, but they both looked happier after their heart-to-heart.”

Jude’s figured it out, but how do you tell your ex about your new flame? Check out the SheSaid Relationships section.

Australia’s newest film producer, Kylie
Short Bites…
Kylie Minogue is trying her hand at producing. She will be producing Australian film Clancy of the Overthrow and although Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman are vying for the lead, it?s not known whether Kylie will take a role in the film… Thirty-six-year-old actress Mira Sorvino has married her sweetheart in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara. Her beau is 22-year-old actor Christopher BackusSex and the City author Candace Bushnell is being sued by former manager for commissions worth over US$500,000. He?s saying as he delivered the book to HBO, the makers of the hit series, he should receive syndication revenue. Candace says ?It’s just too silly for me to comment on.”

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