OMFG KFC Is Now Selling A Pizza With A Fried Chicken Base

Nadine Dilong

It’s like Pizza Hut and KFC had a beautiful baby.

I’ve you’ve ever walked home drunk after a big night out craving pizza and fried chicken, you’re going to lose your mind over the latest KFC delight to hit Asia, the Chizza; a pizza with a fried chicken base.

When KFC announced the arrival of the Chizza in Singapore on their Twitter yesterday, people went cray cray over the “ultimate mashup”, which is made by covering a deep fried piece of chicken breast with pizza sauce and topping it with ham, pineapple, mozzarella and cheese sauce before grilling it to perfection. *Salivation overload*

Unfortunately, the “all chicken, no crust” pizza, as KFC labels it, is so far only available in the Philippines, Japan, and Singapore, but judging by the wave of people on social media pleading with the fast food chain to sell it globally, it’s probably only a matter of time before the Chizza can cure everyone’s hangovers.

People sure have been very vocal about their desperate need for a chicken base pizza in their lives, saying they want the fried chicken goodness, STAT…

And some have shown their level of dedication by considering moving to Singapore for the Chizza.

But if it’s any consolation to everyone currently not able to get their hands on the chicken pizza – *sob* – it’s good to keep in mind that the reality of the fast food hybrid may not be as mouth-watering as the promo pic would suggest…

We’d still like 10 though. #totallynotsharingeither

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Comment: What are you fave two fast foods to combine?