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Online Dating Tips When You’re Over 50

Online Dating Tips When You’re Over 50

Did you know almost 20% of eHarmony users are over 50? Australian managing director Jason Chuck has put together some tips so you can have fun dating online while also understanding how to protect yourself online.

1. Question anyone who asks for:

* Money

* Access to your online accounts

* Specific personal questions about where you bank, your address, pet’s names, school names, etc.

2. Fraudsters have “new and improved” ways of obtaining your information
It’s important to apply a few precautionary measures:

* It may not be easy to tell if someone is a scammer based on their photos. They’re important, yes, but don’t put complete stock in them

* Think carefully before providing personal information to someone you don’t know well. While someone you’re dating is unlikely to ask for your bank account number, they may ask you what high school you went to, where you were born, or your first pet’s name. Remember that this type of information may help a fraudster gain access to your online accounts.

3. Fraudsters may push you to hand over information or money quickly

However it is important to remember that today’s fraudsters may also take their time and gain your trust before making their move.

4. Fraudsters may know about social media too

What information are you putting online?

5. It’s good to know what you’re clicking on before you click a link

A fraudster may send you an email with a link and write, “Watch this video. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.” One click of the link and passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data can be removed from your computer. These types of emails can be sent on a site like Facebook, to personal email accounts, or on a dating site’s internal email system.

6. Guard your account

Acts of fraud or deception may occur when a fraudster persuades a user to let him/her log into their account. Don’t fall for this!

Have you tried online dating?

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